2015–19 Irish gangland feud

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2015–19 Irish gangland feud
Date24 September 2015–present
Ireland and Spain
Caused byMurder of Gary Hutch
MethodsOrganised shootings
Parties to the civil conflict
Hutch gang
Kinahan Family
Lead figures

A major feud between two criminal organizations in the Republic of Ireland has killed twenty people.[1] The Hutch gang, led by Gerry Hutch, and the Kinahan Family, led by Christy Kinahan, are the main participants.


Background[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Events[edit | hide | edit source]

Murder of Gary Hutch, 24 September 2015[edit | hide | edit source]

Gary Hutch, 34, was a nephew of Gerry Hutch and a prominent gangland figure. He was originally from Champions' Avenue on the north side of Dublin.[2]

He was convicted of armed robbery and when he was released from prison he moved to Spain and had been living there for eight years at the time of his death.[3]

He had survived an attack in August 2014 that led to boxer Jamie Moore being shot.[2][4][3]

He was chased around a swimming pool by a balaclava-clad gunman who shot him dead in a private apartment complex in Miraflores near Marbella in Spain on 24 September 2015.[4] It is believed he was shot dead by the Kinahan gang who he once had contacts with.[4]

His brother Derek Hutch, who is in prison, was granted compassionate leave to view his brothers' body and pay respects at the family home.[5] He was handcuffed to a prison officer at all times during this visit.[5] He was not allowed to attend his brothers' funeral on grounds of security.[5]He was assaulted twice in prison in late 2015.[4][3]

Trial in Spain[edit | hide | edit source]

Dubliner James Quinn was convicted of being involved in the murder by being a lookout and helping the killer to reach and flee the scene.[6][7][8] He was also found guilty of a second charge of illegal weapons possession.[6]

The jury verdict was unanimous - they found him guilty of being a "necessary participant" in the killing.[6][7] It was proven that he was involved because a baseball cap with his DNA was found in a stolen BMW X3 that was set on fire near the murder scene.[6][7] The jury could not conclude that he was the gunman who had chased and shot Gary Hutch.[6][7]

The state prosecutor called on the judge to jail Quinn for a total of 28 years - 25 for the murder and 3 for the weapons possession charges.[6][7] The defence asked the judge for the minimum 20 years that a murder charge carries in Spain and two years for the weapons charge.[6][7] A life sentence was ruled out because jurors rejected prosecution claims that Quinn was a member of a criminal organisation despite prosecution saying the killing was part of the Kinahan-Hutch feud.[6][7] The jury also found that it had not been proven that Quinn had been paid for the murder.[6][7]

Outside the court the defence lawyer announced the verdict would be appealed to a higher regional court.[6][7]

James Quinn was a former boxer and his trainers thought highly of him.[8] He became a criminal instead and in 2013 he was sentenced to two years in jail with one suspended for threatening a bouncer who had ejected him from a Dublin Pub.[8][9] He spent less than a year in jail.[8][9] Afterwards he moved to Spain.[8]

Quinn had been warned by Gardaí that his life was in danger before the Kinahan-Hutch feud had started.[9] He had worked as an enforcer for drug dealers and developed strong links with the Kinahans.[9]

He is a nephew of Martin Foley, a criminal known as "the Viper" who was an associate of Martin Cahill.[9]

Murder of Darren Kearns, 30 December 2015[edit | hide | edit source]

Darren Kearns was shot in front of his wife shortly after he left the Phoenix Chinese restaurant on Blackhorse Avenue.[10] He had convictions for drug dealing and spent time in prison.[10] The Irish Times mentioned speculation that the Kinahan gang had mistakenly thought that he and David Douglas were behind a botched murder attempt of a member of the gang in November.[10]

Regency Hotel attack, 5 February 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

On 5 February 2016 there was to be a boxing match for the WBO European Lightweight title between Jamie Kavanagh and Antonio João Bento at the Regency Hotel in Whitehall, Dublin. At the weigh-in there was an organised armed attack; the match was cancelled after the shooting.[11] There were at least four attackers with masks, army style-helmets and flak jackets, two of whom were disguised as members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit and armed with AK-47s. An associate of the Kinahan cartel, David Byrne (32) was shot dead; security sources said that the gang had intended to kill others. Two men were injured and taken to the Mater Private Hospital and Beaumont Hospital.[11] It is believed that Daniel Kinahan, the son of Christy Kinahan, was the intended target, but had left early. After the attack, security camera recordings suggested that six people had been involved, including a man disguised as a woman.[12] The attackers escaped in a Ford Transit van which was later found burnt-out.[11]

On 18 May 2016 Patrick Hutch, the brother of Gary Hutch, was charged at the Criminal Courts of Justice with the murder of David Byrne.[13][14] His trial for murder and possession of firearms was later set for January 2018 at the non-jury Special Criminal Court; he was denied bail.[15]

Murder of Eddie Hutch Snr, 8 February 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Eddie Hutch Snr was shot dead at his home on 8 February 2016.[16] He was an uncle of Gary Hutch.[17] The motive for his death is suspected to be revenge for the death of David Byrne.[18][19]

On 5 February 2018, a man was arrested over the murder but was released without charge.

Murder of Vincent Ryan, 29 February 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Vincent Ryan was shot dead while sitting in his car outside his partner's home in Finglas. On July 31, 2019, Paul Ò Beirne and Jeffrey Morrow were sentenced to nine and 11 years, respectively, by the Dublin Criminal Court.[20]

Murder of Noel Duggan, 23 March 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Noel Duggan was shot dead while sitting in his car outside his home in Ratoath, County Meath.[21] He was friends with Gerry Hutch from his youth and was nicknamed "Kingsize" because of his cigarette smuggling.[21][22]

Murder of Martin O'Rourke, 14 April 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Martin O'Rourke was shot dead on 14 April 2016 on Lower Sheriff Street, Dublin.[4] His murder is believed to be a case of mistaken identity and part of the Kinahan-Hutch feud.[23][4]

Murder of Michael Barr, 25 April 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Michael Barr was shot dead on 25 April 2016.[24] He was shot in the Sunset House in Summerhill, Dublin.[24] An Garda Síochána suspect he was killed by the Kinahan gang because of involvement with the shooting of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel in February 2016. He had dissident republican links and is understood to have provided the weaponry involved in the attack. The dissident republicans broke off ties with the Hutch gang after Barr's murder.[25]

On 29 January 2018, the non-jury Special Criminal Court in Dublin found Eamonn Cumberton (30) guilty of the murder of Michael Barr and sentenced him to life imprisonment.[26] It was later revealed that Cumberton was suspected of carrying out several more murders and suspected murders and of being a leading member of the New INLA. Michael Barr had been threatened many times by the New INLA when he lived in Strabane.

Arrest of two Kinahan associates, 18 June 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Two men in their thirties were arrested by armed members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit and Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau on the Naas Dual carriageway.[27][28] A Glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun was found in one mans' car.[27][28] Both were linked to the Kinahan gang and one was a close associate of David Byrne and Gardaí believe they were planning to shoot someone.[27][28]

Murder of Gareth Hutch, 24 May 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Gareth Hutch was shot several times by two attackers in the carpark of the f Avondale House flats complex where he lived.[10] He was a minor figure in the criminal world.[10] In November 2018 the Special Criminal Court found Johnathan Keogh, his sister Regina Keogh and Thomas Fox guilty of the murder.[29][30] All three were sentenced to life imprisonment.[29][30]

Murder of Neil Fitzgerald, 5 June 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Neil Fitzgerald shot dead His Body was Found Hills Lane in Crooksling, Taillight he Lives Blessington, Co Wicklow. gangsters Graham ‘The Wig’ Whelan and Freddy Thompson.[5]

Murder of David Douglas, 1 July 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

David Douglas was shot outside a shop he ran with his wife in Bridgefoot Street, Dublin 8.[10] He had survived being shot the previous November.[10] In August 2018 'Fat' Freddy Thompson was found guilty of the murder by the Special Criminal Court.[31]

Murder of Trevor O'Neill, 17 August 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Trevor O'Neill from Drimnagh was shot in a case of mistaken identity in Costa de la Calma, near Magaluf.[32] He was shot five times in front of his family.[32] Gardaí believe that he was mistaken for a member of the Hutch family by the Kinahan gang.[32] He worked for Dublin City Council.[32]

Murder of Philip Finnegan, 2 September 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Philip Finnegan from Dublin He wearing bulletproof His Body Found Kildare Rahin Wood in Co Kildare. He Stabbed To Death and battered He His Life Was In Danger His Body was Kildare battered Garda in Leixlip discovered by walkers He Missing on August 10 The 24-year-old Danger criminal in Dublin He Found Dead in Kildare. [34]

Murder of Mark Desmond, 2 December 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Mark The Guinea Pig Desmond shot at least three times Griffeen Valley Park in Lucan, west Dublin suspect in at least four murders. murder of Darren Carey and Patrick Murray s'bodes found in Grand Canal near Karneystown, Co Kildare He Lives Silgo some times Mazda 6 gun Found in the car and rape of a 15-year-old boy long list of enemies Real IRA and He Gunman.[30]

Murder of Noel Kirwan, 21 December 2016[edit | hide | edit source]

Noel 'Duck Egg' Kirwan, a close associate of Gerry Hutch, was shot dead in front of his partner outside his house in Ronanstown in west Dublin. It is believed he was killed simply because of his association with the Monk, as he was photographed talking to him at Eddie Hutch's funeral in February 2016.[33]

In May 2017, a man and woman in their 20s were arrested in north county Dublin then questioned at Lucan and Blanchardstown Garda stations.[34] They were reported to have been acting as "spotters" for the Kinahans to pay off a drug debt.[35] The role of "spotter" includes contacting the Kinahans when the target is spotted.[35]

Jason Keating, a 25 year-old from Rush, was brought to Blanchardstown District Court under armed escort on 8 May 2017.[36][37] Detective Sergeant Damien Gannon of Lucan Garda station told the court that Keating had been charged with the murder at Lucan Garda station, but that he had said nothing after caution.[36][37] Judge David McHugh remanded the accused to appear before Cloverhill District Court the following Friday.[36] Legal aid was granted to Keating.[36] In a murder case in the Republic of Ireland, bail can only be granted in the High Court.[36]

A woman in her 20s who had been arrested in connection in the investigation was released without charge and a file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.[36]

The charge of murder against Keating was dropped after he admitted participating in the activities of a criminal organisation and helping that gang to murder Mr Kirwan. In addition to fitting the tracker device under Mr Kirwan's car, Keating was also in the getaway car, in contact with the person monitoring the tracker's movements on a laptop and he conveyed those details to the person believed to have shot Mr Kirwan dead.

Keating was found guilty in and in December 2018 was sentenced to ten years. At his sentencing, Detective Inspector Mark O'Neill, also of Lucan Garda station, summed up the type of people who could be targeted in the feud - all you have to do is be pictured beside a Hutch gang member.[38]

Stabbing of Graham McKeever,18 February 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

32 year-old Graham McKeever Stabbed to Death at his home at Deerpark Avenue,Tallaght. His 10-son His Father not Back He was Stabbed to Death with a Knife He Died from stab wounds.[11] Keith Connorton (40)sentenced to life of guilty Murder of Graham McKeever at The Special Criminal Court.

Stabbing of Christopher McGrath,12 March 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

38 year-old Christopher McGarth was Stabbed in house in Mervue. Well Known Runner in Galway city He From Rosmuck He died from stab wounds[12]

Knife attack on Tom Fox, 28 March 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

Tom Fox, on remand in Mountjoy Prison in relation to the shooting death of Gareth Hutch was attacked, along with another inmate, suffering multiple stab wounds.[39]

Arrest of three Kinahan associates, 4 April 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

An Irish man in his thirties, another aged 58, and 58-year-old Estonian man Imre Arakas were arrested by armed members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit and Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau in Blakestown, west Dublin in a premesis owned by Kinahan associate Eric Fowler who allegedly tipped-off Gardaí resulting in his death in December 2018. It is believed the Estonian may be a hired killer, brought into the country by the Kinahan gang to continue the feud. Drugs and a list of Hutch associates were found.[40] Only Mr Arakas was charged.

Arakas, a post-Soviet Estonian hitman and career criminal known as 'The Butcher', was hired by the Kinahan cartel to kill leading Hutch gang member James 'Mago' Gately who had fled to Northern Ireland.

He was brought to a safe house on the Blakestown Road in Clonsilla that was provided by cartel associate Eric Fowler. When Gardaí raided this address on 4 April 2017, Arakas was arrested and charged.

Stabbing of Damien McLaughlin, 22 April 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

42 year-old Damien McLaughlin, originally from Manorcunningham, Co County Donegal. he was Irish criminal He jailed for 15 in 2007 for a series of violent burglaries and was released from prison in 2015. He stabbed to death in pool of blood in North London He Was a Plumber, Eduardo Embalo sentenced to 14 years and Andre Joseph sentence 16 year for murder of Irishman Damien McLaughlin from County Donegal. [7] killings.

James Gateley shot, 10 May 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

James 'Mago' Gateley, a 29-year-old long-term friend of Gary Hutch who had fled his home in Dublin's north inner city and was hiding out in Belfast and Newry, was shot by a lone gunman in his car at a petrol station in North Dublin. It is believed a bullet-proof vest he was wearing saved his life.[41]

Michael Keogh shot dead, 31 May 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

Michael Keogh, who had minor links to the Kinahan gang, was shot dead in his car in the underground car park of the apartment complex where he lived in Dorset Street in north inner city Dublin.[42][43] It is believed he may have been targeting by the Hutch gang in revenge for the murder of Gareth Hutch and that Jason Molyneux was the hitman involved. His brother Jonathan, a convicted bomb maker and member of the New INLA, was later charged with Gareth Hutch's murder.

Darragh Nugent shot dead, 11 September 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

35 year old Darragh Nugent shot dead outside his home Clondakin Dublin last night black BMW 3 series was 02 MH 7025 his Killers Was Waiting For Him Come out shot dead Wheatfield Avenue in West Dublin gunned down dad-two shot dead the gunman was getway Was Gunman And Drug dealer.[12]

John Gibson shot dead,18 September 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

John Gibson shot dead Lured to his death and He His Friend Gunman and Drug Dealers Darrgh Nugent shot dead

Jamie Tighe-Ennis shot dead, 28 October 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

24 year-old Jamie Tighe-Ennis was shot dead outside a house on Moatview Avenue in Coolock.

He had previous convictions for assaulting gardaí and for firearms offences and was before the courts in 2016 in relation to a firearms charge. He was also a known associate of Jason Molyneux and other Hutch gang members and it is believed the Kinahan cartel killed him because of this. However, he had links with numerous different criminals and Gardaí could not rule out that he was killed by another criminal gang or that he was set up to be killed by Molyneux.[44]

Kane McCormack shot dead, 1 December 2017[edit | hide | edit source]

The body of 24 year-old McCormack who had been shot in the head was found in Walterstown, Co. Meath between Leixlip and Dunboyne.[45][46] He was last seen alive at 5pm the previous day after telling his partner he was going to meet someone.[45][46] When he failed to return, his partner became concerned for his safety and contacted the Gardaí.[45] His car was later found at an Aldi supermarket in Clonee.[45] There were no confirmed sightings of him after he left his partner.[47]

Gardaí believe he parked his car at the Aldi in Clonee and then got into a black saloon-type car.[45]

Gardaí in Finglas received a call that a black Audi was on fire just off the M50 at Meakstown Cottages at about 6pm.[45][46] Gardaí appealed for witnesses to events at Clonee, Walterstown or Meakstown Cottages to come forward.[45] Gardaí are trying to link the murder with the black Audi car.[45][46]

Kane McCormack was a son of Noel Kirwan, who was had been shot about a year before as part of the feud between the Kinahans and Hutches.[47] He sometimes went by the name Kane Kirwan.[47]

One line of inquiry is that the Kinahan gang believed he posed a threat to them because he wanted revenge for his fathers' death.[48] He had been officially warned by the Gardaí that his life was in danger.[48] He had been caught with 50 rounds of .32 ammunition in November 2017.[48] It was suspected the ammunition was connected with dissident Republican extortion rackets.[48] Gardaí believe he had enemies other than the Kinehan gang.[48]

A man was arrested on suspicion of McCormack's murder on 17 December 2018 but was released without charge. On 6 March 2019 another man was arrested in Mountjoy Prison in connection with the murder but he too was released without charge.[49]

Derek Coakley-Hutch shot dead, 20 January 2018[edit | hide | edit source]

About 3pm at Bridgeview, Clondalkin, Dublin while he sat in a car in the Bridgeview halting site beside Cloverhill Prison.[50][51] He had gone to the prison earlier in the day to visit his brother Nathan, then returned to the area with two other men in a car. They were there to throw drugs over the prison wall.[52] The men got out of the car and went to part of the halting site where horses were kept in a pen.[52] On hearing shots, they ran back to the car, which had moved a short distance.[52] They tried to resuscitate him, but he died at the scene.[51] He had been shot in the head a number of times.[51] He had been warned his life was in danger.[51]

Gardaí believe the killers escaped in a black Volkswagen Golf that was set on fire at nearby Crag Avenue before transferring to a black Toyota Avensis which was found burned out at Snowdrop Walk, Darndale.[51][52] He had been warned his life was in danger.[51]

He a criminal record had previously pleaded guilty to possession of an imitation firearm during the robbery of a Spar in Styles Road, Clontarf on 11 June 2015.[53] In December 2016 Judge Patricia Ryan placed him under probation supervision for nearly a year and in November 2017 she imposed a four-year suspended sentence on the grounds that he had a favourable probation report, positive reports from a drug treatment centre he attended, that he had not come to the attention of the Gardaí since the robbery and that he was focused on his family.[53] The judge praised his "Trojan efforts" to remain drug-free.[53] His co-accused was sentenced in 2015 to six years for the robbery and unrelated offences.[53]

He had carried the coffin of his uncle, Eddie Hutch, who had been shot as part of the feud.[51] He was also a nephew of Gerry Hutch.[51][52] His father, Derek Hutch, took his own life in 2009.[52] His mother, Noeleen, arrived at the scene of her sons' shooting in a distressed state.[52]

National Boxing Stadium shooting, 26 January 2018[edit | hide | edit source]

A member of the Hutch family was due to compete in a tournament that began at the National Boxing Stadium on the South Circular road in Dublin. There was a heavy Garda presence as a result.

A car pulled up near the National Stadium at around about 9.45pm on the night and fired at a man who is known to gardaí; he was hit in the foot as he ran towards Griffith College.

The second man, who was injured in the hand, is understood to have been a student at the college who had been walking nearby.

Both men, who were aged in their 40s and 20s, were taken to St James Hospital with injuries which were not life threatening.

Two cars were later found burnt-out in north Dublin.

Jason Molyneux shot dead, 30 January 2018[edit | hide | edit source]

Jason 'Buda' Molyneux, a well-known Dublin criminal and friend of Coakley-Hutch, was shot dead at the James Larkin House flats complex on the North Strand where he lived. He had just returned from the wake of his friend Derek Coakley-Hutch who had been shot dead 10 days earlier and was lured to his death by a woman he knew. The two-man hit team immediately drove from North Strand to the nearby East-Link Toll Bridge and abandoned their Renault Kango van. They returned two hours later and attempted to set fire to it.[54][better source needed]

Molyneux had over 120 previous convictions and was a suspect in a number of murders, including the shootings of Anthony Russell in April 2008, Michael Devoy in January 2014 Michael Keogh in May 2017.

Kenneth Finn shot dead, 27 February 2018[edit | hide | edit source]

Kenneth The Bull Finn shot dead close pal of recently slain Hutch gangster Jason Buda Molyneux shot dead in January

On 16 August 2017, two people, Antoinette Corbally and Clinton Shannon, were shot dead on Balbutcher Drive in Ballymun after the intended target (Corbally's sister Derek Devoy) fled. Molyneux is understood to have been one of the two gunmen.

It is believed that Devoy ordered the hit on Molyneux in retaliation for him killing his brother, sister and friend. However, it has been suggested that the Kinahan cartel were involved as Molyneux was reported to have been seeking revenge for the death of his friend Derek Coakley-Hutch and also because he was behind the murder of cartel associate Michael Keogh.[55]

Arrest of two Kinahan associates, 16 July 2018[edit | hide | edit source]

Two men were arrested in front of the SuperValu shop on the Howth Road in Killester around 5pm.[56] They were arrested by the Garda Emergency Response Unit who found a loaded handgun in their car.[56] The two men, aged 25 and 28, are known by Gardai to be connected to the Kinahan gang and it was suspected that they were targeting a member of the Hutch gang.[56]

Stabbing of Brian Phelan, 26 July 2018[edit | hide | edit source]

33 year-old Brian Phelan was stabbed to death with knife attack Carrivekeeney Road, Newry Co Down He Was originally from Bessbrook Co Armagh. the killings.[9]

Clive Staunton shot dead,15 November 2018[edit | hide | edit source]

An investigation is under way into the murder of a 50-year-old man in Co Kildare, which gardaí believe is connected to the Hutch-Kinahan feud. Clive Staunton was shot dead near his home at Glen Easton Way in Leixlip. The street trader was originally from Dublin's north inner city, but had lived with his family at Glen Easton Way for more than 20 years. Mr Stauton was a widower, whose father was in the house at the time of the shooting. He was at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin last night for the football friendly between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

James Donegan shot dead, 4 December 2018[edit | hide | edit source]

James Donegan shot dead Outside School In West Belfast the 43-year-old shot dead outside his son ś School

Eric Fowler shot dead, 22 December 2018[edit | hide | edit source]

Exactly two years after Noel Kirwan was shot dead, 34 year-old Eric Fowler was shot in the head and killed at his home at Blakestown Cottages in Clonsilla.[57]

Two gunmen waited outside the house before running up as he was locking his car.[57] He was shot a number of times in the head and collapsed at the side of the house despite trying to escape.[57] A silver Volkswagen Jetta was burnt-out at Rusheeny Green in Clonee - the scene was sealed off.[57]

Fowler was a parent to young children, he was also the CEO of a car valeting company adjacent to his house but was disqualified from driving for two years at Blanchardstown court after he was caught drink-driving earlier in 2018.[57] He had been formally warned by Gardaí that there was a credible threat to his life.[57]

Gardaí said there were a number of lines of inquiry, that it was possible that it was connected to the local criminal feuds in Finglas and Blanchardstown or possibly to the Kinahan-Hutch feud.[57]

Zach Parker shot dead, 17 January 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

23 year-old Zach Parker shot dead outside a gym in Swords North Dublinconvicted Drug Dealer His friends Seán Little and Jordan Dadvis shot dead in May,Parker driver BMW X5 gangland killings. [25]

Wayne Boylan shot dead,18 January 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

37 year-old Wayne Boylan shot dead his Friend ś house Warrenpoint County Down Father-of two shot His Friend Alice Louise Burns She was injured in Co Down Psni and Garda Síochana working the murder of Wayne Boylan shot dead last night gunman waited for him and his Girlfriend ś House. [57]

Collapse of trial of Patrick Hutch, 20 February 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

The trial of Patrick Hutch at the Criminal Courts of Justice for the murder of David Byrne collapsed in February 2019, after the suicide of lead investigator, Detective Superintendent Colm Fox.[58] An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of the Superintendent was launched by the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission.[59]

Stabbing of Ian Ogle, 27 January 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

45 year-old Ian Ogle was beaten and stabbed 11 times in Belfast near his home, five men he was spokesman for the loyalist community. [4]

Lee Boylan shot, 6 March 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

24 year-old Lee Boylan was shot three times and critically injured while driving a van on Blakestown Road in Clonsilla close to the scene of the murder of Boylan's friend Eric Fowler over two months previously. A BMW 3 Series that was involved in the shooting was found burnt out on nearby Saddlers Drive.[60] Boylan was an associate of the Kinahan cartel and it is unclear if they organised his shooting or if the Hutch gang were behind it.

Stabbing of Niall Magee, 27 April 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

21 year-old Niall Magee was stabbed with knife at his home in,Antrim. father-of-one was attacked and He Died for stab wounds.[45]

Stabbing of Stephen Kavanagh, 6 May 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

37 year-old Stephen Kavangh was stabbed with knife at his home in Arklow co Wicklow. the killings,[46]

Seán Little shot dead, 21 May 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

22 year-old Seán Little was shot dead and had his car set alight after being lured to Walshestown, a remote rural area off Junction 5 on the M1 on the evening of 21 May. It is understood that Little had links to members of the Kinahan gang and that former associates, including Iranian-born hitman Hamid Sanambar, were responsible for his murder.[61]

Jordan Davis shot dead, 22 May 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

22 year-old Jordan Davis, a small-time drug dealer and friend of Seán Little who was murdered less than a day earlier, was shot dead outside a primary school in Darndale. He was pushing his son in a buggy when a gunman on a red bicycle shot him a number of times. The motive for the murder is unclear, although Gardaí are probing whether the murders of Little and Davis are connected. [58]

Hamid Sanambar shot dead, 28 May 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

Hamid Sanambar, a 42 year-old Iranian national who came to Ireland in his 30s, was shot dead on Kilbarron Avenue in Coolock, the family home of Seán Little, whom Sanambar is suspected of murdering six days earlier. It is believed that Sanambar was pretending to be grieving for Little, appearing at the crime scene in Walshestown. He was lured to Little's home on the pretence of attending his wake, at which point he was killed. He was suspected of being involved in a number of gangland killings. [59]

Stabbing of Peter Donnelly ,11 June 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

39 year-old Peter Donnelly was stabbed to death On O'Connell Street in Dublin. He from originally Kilkenny Live in Dublin Killings. [60]

Stabbing of Aidan McMenamy,19 July 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

45 year-old Aidan McMenamy stabbed to death On Clinchs Court Dublin. Stabbed with knife for stab wound killings [61]

Malcolm McKeown shot dead, 19 August 2019[edit | hide | edit source]

54 year-old Malcolm McKeown shot dead outside petrol station Waringstown Co Down. The PSNI said the gunman go in the car four brunt Volkswagen Passat. Killings. [62]

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