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Ayaan Chawla
Born (1997-04-30) April 30, 1997 (age 22)
OccupationFounder & CEO of Asian Fox Developments, Global Web Mount, Mind-In Advertising and Group For Buddies.
Parent(s)Kunjam Chawla (Mother)
C. Chawla (Father)
RelativesJyolsha Chawla (Sister)

Ayaan Chawla was born on April 30, 1997 is an Indian entrepreneur, investor, programmer, philanthropist and he is well known personality in IT (Information Technology) industry and well known entrepreneur in India. He is Founder & CEO of Asian Fox Developments, Global Web Mount, Mind-In Advertising and Group For Buddies.[1][2][3][4]

Personal & Early Life[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Ayaan was born in India on 30 April 1997 to Mr.C. Chawla (Father), a Business Man and Ms.Kunjam Chawla (Mother), Chairperson of Asian Fox Developments, Global Web Mount & Mind-In Advertising. He has an elder sister Ms.Jyolsha Chawla.[5] He received his first computer, a PC, at 8 in 2005 and used it to create movies with editing tools such as Adobe Software and one day he thought about the software he is using for creating movies. Ayaan began creating / writing websites, software & apps at the age of 11 in 2008 and he founded a social utility for people to connect with each other globally, on 1 January 2011 called Group For Buddies, and on 7 March 2011 he founded an IT company for IT solutions called Asian Fox Developments. After a year later – 2013, on 15 May 2013 he founded a company for web solutions called Global Web Mount, and on 27 July 2013 he founded a company for online advertising portal for Advertisers & publishers called Mind-In Advertising.[6]

Career[edit | hide | edit source]

His companies:

Asian Fox Developments is leading and awarded IT solutions company and Partner & Development Partner of Microsoft, intel, IBM & CISCO and Authorized Distributor Reseller & Affiliate Partners of BIGROCK, Serif Europe, MAGIX, Corel, Bitdefender, and IT & ONLINE MEDIA Partner - "India Mein Lahore" (Director: Ikram Akhtar & Producer: Rajesh R. Tripathi.) - Bollywood Movie.[7] Asian Fox Developments had developed & designed no. of Websites, Software, Android Applications & iOS Applications for Globe.[8][9] Global Web Mount is the most preferred Domain & Hosting Company globally.[10] Mind-In Advertising is the advertisement network of over 3,00,000 websites.

Group For Buddies is a social utility, connected with over 10,000+ people worldwide with global sponsors like Samsung, Tata Sky & etc.

Company Name Formation Date
Group For Buddies 1 January 2011
Asian Fox Developments 7 March 2011
Global Web Mount 15 May 2013
Mind-In Advertising 27 July 2013

He was invited as speaker & VIP attendee number of times in conferences, seminars & webinars of Microsoft, Autodesk, Telerik & many more companies, organizations & universities globally.[11][12][13]

Social Work & Activity[edit | hide | edit source]

File:Ayaan Chawla - Social Work.jpg
Ayaan Chawla teaching students and doing social work.

Ayaan says: "I love to teach students about IT - Information Technology". He use to visit small government schools in India to teach & encourage students to develop their mind.[14][15]

File:Ayaan Chawla Seminar At Dronacharya College Of Engineering 11.jpg
Ayaan Chawla's Seminar At Dronacharya College Of Engineering to deliver a session for their students that "How to compete with the outside world" at CareerFest 2013.

Education[edit | hide | edit source]

Ayaan is studying 11th in school and he is certified C, C++, C#, .Net & JAVA.[16]

Media, Publications & Awards[edit | hide | edit source]

1: Ayaan received award as Best Developer by IT Association India.

2: In 2012 he got award for creating ESWDG - Engineers of Software & Website Designers Group, in India by Triple A Company.

3: He was winner of Telerik On 4 December 2012 after a Seminar of Telerik.[17] 4: Ayaan Chawla was headline news & article of WikiFolks Group.[18] 5: Ayaan was invited as Speaker in Enterprise Connect event in Orlando.

6: He is invited for the 10th Anniversary of WorldHostingDays in Rust, Germany - April 2014 - by Thomas Strohe (Founder of WorldHostingDays).[19] 7: His company Asian Fox Developments done contract as IT & ONLINE MEDIA PARTNER with "India Mein Lahore" - "India Mein Lahore" (Director: Ikram Akhtar & Producer: Rajesh R. Tripathi.) - Bollywood Movie.[20][21]

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