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Aaron Forsythe is the current director of Magic: The Gathering R&D, and former player on the Pro Tour.[1]

Magic career[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Forsythe started playing Magic in the summer of 1994 after Revised and directly before the release of The Dark.[2] He qualified for the Pro Tour after the release of Exodus.[3] He was part of the team Car Acrobatic, the first team to make it to the top eight in two Pro Tours.[1][4]

Working for Wizards[edit | hide | edit source]

In the summer of 2001 Forsythe was invited by Mark Rosewater to apply as the content manager of the new Wizards of the Coast Magic website. Although originally not selected, he was offered the job on the condition he could be moved to Seattle in a month to start.[1] He was given the chance to design for Fifth Dawn and metaphorically "knocked the ball out of the park" according to Rosewater.[5]

In 2009 with the help of what Rosewater termed a "high octane" design team Forsythe assembled,[6] he revamped the core set in Magic 2010. New cards were included for the first time since Limited Edition Beta in an attempt to return to flavorful card by card design for modern magic.[6][7]