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Abdolmajid Pirzadeh Jahromi (better known as Majid Pirzad, 1954–1976) was an Iranian political activist.

Biography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

He was born in Abadan, Iran, in 1954. At the time, Abadan was one of the few centers of intellectual activities in Iran. He studied in Razi High School دبیرستان رازی آبادان in the field of Mathematics. Since 8th grade he was fascinated with the study of contemporary Persian Literature. By age of 17, he read most literary works by Iranian, Russian, and European authors and became one of the prominent figures in the intellectual circles of city of Abadan with a niche for literary critic. Additionally, he read philosophy including works of Hegel. The combination of literature and philosophy gave him a unique perspective on politics

Upon graduating from high school and scoring a high percentile in the competitive College Entrance Examination, Majid Pirzad was admitted to several universities of Iran, including Sharif University of Technology, where he started studies in the field of Chemical Engineering. The Iranian universities, have been consistently a hot bed of political awareness and activities before and after Islamic Revolution and a fertile field for the recruitment activities of political groups. Majid Pirzad came in contact with Fedaian Khalq, (or Fadai Khalgh) (the major leftist political movement against Royal regime of Shah of Iran). He knew that standing against the Shah's regime and politics was a dangerous disposition, yet he was a true believer of ideals of social justice and intellectual freedom, and in that vein he was ready to give up his life to defend those ideals. As the Fedaian Khalq was a group hunted by SAVAK (Anti-Intelligentsia Agency of Iran), Majid had no choice but to start underground life-style of Fedaian to continue his political activities.

In 1976 SAVAK announced his death in "an armed struggle in the city of Tabriz". To this date there is still no evidence provided by either SAVAK or Fedaian Khalq Organization to the truth or false of whether Majid was killed under torture or during the street armed struggle. After the revolution, Majid Pirzad's grave was located in the Tehran cemetery alongside many other political prisoners that had been killed under torture by SAVAK.

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