Abdul-Sattar al-Badri

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Dr. Abdul-Sattar al-Badri is an Iraqi Islamic scholar.[1]

Biography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

He was born 1949 in Baqubah, Iraq. He was a preacher at the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal mosque in Baquba. He built the al-Khoder mosque in Diyala.[2]

His various teachers have included bin Baz, Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Jazair, Sheikh Shaker al-Badri, Sheikh Abdul Karim Mohammed, Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Hassan, Sheikh Kamal al-Din al-Tai, Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Bin Hamad Al- Bader, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman bin Abdul - Latif Al - Sheikh, Sheikh Mohammad Ali Jami, Sheikh Mohammed Sharif, Sheikh Abdel Qader Shiba, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamoud al-Waeli and Sheikh Mukhtar Shanqeeti.[citation needed]

He studied at the Islamic University of Madinah and graduated in 1976-7.[citation needed]

He traveled to Sudan to preach and was vice-director of the African Muslims Committee in Khartoum[citation needed]

He later moved to teach at the International Islamic University Center for Advocacy Studies and earned a Master 's degree in Islamic Studies (Modern) and MA in Islamic Science (Comparative Jurisprudence), and a doctorate in interpretation.[citation needed]

Later he returned to Iraq and became a full-time author. He emigrated after the US occupation in 2003.[citation needed]