Abdullatif Ghazi Abdullah

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Abdullatif Ghazi Abdullah
Other namesBo Shnag
Years active2010–present

Abdullatif Ghazi Abdullah (also known as Mr. Ghazi) is a Kuwaiti born elite entrepreneur, with investments in football and real estate. He is also known for his high profile contacts in the Middle East and Europe. He partnered with her highness Fatima bint Mubarak Al Ketbi Ladies Sport Academy by hosting high profile celebrities such as Dame Kelly Holmes, Marta Vieira da Silva and Joana Cortez.

He holds the economic rights of Mohamed Ibrahim (footballer), one of the best Egyptian footballers.

Mr. Ghazi's football associate is Tony Finnigan, who owns Players Lounge LTD. [1]

Family background[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Abdullatif Ghazi Abdullah was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait. The son of a Tycoon Businessman Ghazi Abdullah who began his rise in Kuwait gradually expanding in the United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates. Abdulatif Ghazi Abdullah’s family has a rich heritage in the fishing industry, football, real estate and automotive industry.

The second generation of Ghazi Abdullah are involved in different business ventures such as legal Franchising firm, real estate, fashion, logistics, catering and football. Abdullatif Ghazi Abdullah’s cousin Osama Hussain former professional footballer who captained the national team of Kuwait is currently the Chairman of the Kuwaiti Football Association. Abdullatif Ghazi Abdullah’s siblings are the owners of Middle East franchising which is a legal franchising firm and owner of one of the leading Fashion designer in the gulf region (GCC). Finally the owners of UKPFM is a real estate firm based in the United Kingdom.

Business activities[edit | hide | edit source]

Persian Gulf[edit | hide | edit source]

In 2010, Mr. Ghazi started his career as a personal business adviser with Middle East Franchising assisting them to expand their business to other Middle Eastern countries.

Brazil[edit | hide | edit source]

He was also responsible for launching investment into the club Associação Esportiva Velo Clube Rioclarense in 2012 in an act to bring player recognition and global awareness. Following 2012 FIFA World Cup Mr. Ghazi many business contacts whereby he was the chief architect in bringing Filipe Jose Machado to England for a opportunity.

Spain[edit | hide | edit source]

Mr. Ghazi found a business opportunity with RCD Mallorca. He reviewed the criteria of the club for a Middle Eastern company who were interested in purchasing the club with intentions of the development of the region, however after studying the criteria of club the Middle Eastern firm were unsatisfied with the criteria and eventually negotiations broke down.

England[edit | hide | edit source]

He also explored an investment opportunity for a Kuwaiti firm and a dutch banker Anton Van Winden to purchase Sheffield Wednesday F.C.. Short term affiliation with Mr. Milan Mandarić, who, at the time, was the owner of Sheffield Wednesday. Initial agreements on investments were welcomed but all matters were eventually not resolved.

Italy[edit | hide | edit source]

On the 4 June 2015, ex manager of Livingston F.C., Roberto Landi, proposed an investment opportunity for Mr. Ghazi to invest into Pisa football club. During this period Mr. Ghazi had many proposals put forth to him and due to this no further talks were held.

Wealth management[edit | hide | edit source]

AZA is the financial back-up for any lucrative investment opportunities for Mr. Ghazi.

Football activities[edit | hide | edit source]

Mohamed Ibrahim[edit | hide | edit source]

File:Mr. Ghazi and Mohamed Ibrahim.jpg
Mohamed Ibrahim and Mr. Ghazi

Mr. Ghazi holds the full economic rights of the Egyptian internationalist Mohamed Ibrahim.

Gelmin Rivas[edit | hide | edit source]

Based on the connections of Mr. Ghazi in the Gulf region he was able to secure a deal for the Ittihad FC forward, Gelmin Rivas. [2]

Papiss Cissé[edit | hide | edit source]

In February 2015, Mr. Ghazi had a big hand in bringing Papiss Cissé to Dubai, Al-Ahli Dubai F.C.. Although nothing materialized, but the club still maintains interest in the player.

Fawaz Al-Hasawi[edit | hide | edit source]

Mr. Ghazi has a respectful relation with the owner of Nottingham Forest F.C. Fawaz Al-Hasawi. [3]