Acharya Praveen Chauhan

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Acharya Praveen Chauhan
File:Acharya Praveen Chauhan.jpg
Born07 December 1990
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
ResidenceNew Delhi

Acharya Praveen Chauhan (known as "Praveen Singh Chauhan") is a vedic astrologer and palmist. He was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He is a software engineer and writes on various subjects related to occult and spiritual sciences in national journals like Businessworld [1] , The Pioneer (newspaper) [2] , Religion world and many more.

Qualification[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Praveen studied astrology in Post graduation from Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Uttarakhand and did software engineering from Shobhit University, Meerut. And Several Astrology tittles Samudrik Siromoni, Jyotish Martand, Samudrik Ratna and Samudrik Sastri.

Astrological View[edit | hide | edit source]

He said at international astrology seminar 2014, Udaipur, The proper use of Astrology is to enable mankind to see “the map of one's journey of soul” in this lifetime; which can be read in the horoscope by the positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets at the time and place of our birth.