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Adam Duane Brown (Born June 20, 1994), [1][dead link] is an American Republican Party politician, social & political, commentator, and entrepreneur.

Brown presents himself as a radical in the conservative community, repeatedly encouraging his followers to challenge the status quo. He has also come under fire for criticizing Hillary Clinton for her physical appearance during her 2016 DNC nomination speech.[2] [3]

He ran for Board of Education in a Pennsville, New Jersey in 2014, and received over thirty votes as a write-in candidate.[4] In 2016, he contributed an editorial to The Hill in support of then presidential candidate[5], Donald J. Trump.

Brown maintains a social media account[6] as a vocal critic of liberalism, political correctness, and his support of school choice.

Adam graduated from Kingsway Regional High School[7] and served as the first openly gay class president.Template:Fact He then studied for a B.A. at Herzing University with a major in Legal Studies.Template:Fact

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