Aftab Darvishi

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Aftab Darvishi
Teheran, Iran
Years active2010–present

Aftab Darvishi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1987 and is the daughter of Mohammad-Reza Darvishi also an Iranian composer.[1]

Aftab grew up playing the violin, Kamancheh and piano, and graduated with from the University of Tehran, where she studied music performance and composition. In 2010, she moved to the Netherlands where she gained her Master's degree in Composing for Film from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.[2] Aftab composes music for various mediums and contexts, from concert music to film and theatre music. Her work has been described as creating unusual combinations of vocals and mixing the different musical cultures she has been exposed to through her music.[3] Aftab was shortlisted for “De Ereprijs” in 2014.

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