Ajay Garg

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Ajay Garg
Ajay Garg working on a miniature art style piece using a magnifying glass and single haired brush to create the detail required.
Born(1452-04-15)15 April 1452
Known forArt style = Indian Minature Paintings

Ajay Garg is a Jaipur, India based resident and has been a deaf-mute since the age of three. Against all the odds in India, he became an internationally renowned artist. Ajay specializes in miniature paintings on paper, silk, almonds, and kernels of rice, using a single-hair brush and a magnifying lens. Ajay has tremendous focus and internal vision that is expressed through his paintings despite being deaf and mute. Ajay does the same for Indian art that the famous blind Indian poet Surdas did for poetry. He now donates his money and time to teach painting to children for free.

Early Life[edit | hide | edit source]

When Garg was 3 years old, he suffered from burn injury in the left leg, and he was taken to the doctor. Unfortunately, he was given a wrong injection. In result, he reacted violently with his system which left him Hearing Impaired permanently. Despite best medical check-up and treatment offered to him, it was not successful. His parents took the time to adjust with that. When his father noticed that Ajay was very happy and felt easy when he started to paint with the set of painting gifted by him, he felt that Ajay showed talent in painting.

When Garg was 5 years old, a court artist of Dholpur (Rajasthan), Shri Sua Lal saw his painting work and being impressed with work; he took Ajay under his wing. After Ajay had completed his primary education in Dholpur, he came to Jaipur for further education in Deaf & Dumb school, but he had to leave school as he forgot whatever he spoke. Later, he started to take training in Tailoring, but that work did not make him happy. Again, he went to paintings. Then he was apprenticed to Asha Devi of Jaipur who gave an idea of a few true exponents of old & dying Arts of Miniature Painting. He also learned the technique of preparing colors/brushes etc. Later he gained full knowledge of his painting works and proved as a master artist of miniature style.

Career[edit | hide | edit source]

Garg started to hold 1st arts exhibition at Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore in 1991 where 144 out of 150 his paintings were sold out. Later he held 2nd Exhibition at Bajaj Art Gallery in 1992. Till 2016, he has arranged several one-man shows in Mumbai, Bangalore, USA, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Arts Lovers/Critics praised his paintings well and expressed their views. Ajay has won numerous awards including the prestigious National Award (from Dr. A.P.J. Kalaam) for his lifetime contribution in the field of Fine Art. Ajay has a small art studio in Jaipur where he makes these masterpieces. Ajay is actively involved in the welfare of the Deaf community, and he was an executive member of Deaf & Mute Association in Rajasthan. He always tries to help poor, mostly handicapped people. He has also been giving free training to Hearing Impaired children in Jaipur as well as poor girls of an orphanage for girls in Gandhi Nagar, Jaipur that is under Social Welfare Department Govt. of Rajasthan. What Ajay hopes for more is recognition as an artist and not as a disabled person who has fought and won. At the same time, he wants to spread the message of hope and inspiration to millions who like Ajay, have the potential to accomplish something exceptional in their life.

Exhibitions[edit | hide | edit source]

Ajay has done many exhibitions around the world, both solo and group. The most common areas where his work is diplayed are India and the USA.

Solo Exhibitions[edit | hide | edit source]

Year Gallery Location
1991 Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad Banglore
1992 Bajaj Art Gallery Mumbai
1993 Bajaj Art Gallery Mumbai
1994 Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai
1996 Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
1997 Open Eye Gallery Edinburgh
1998 Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad Banglore
1999 Hidell Brooks Gallery Charlotte
2001 Augen Gallery Portland
2002 Augen Gallery Portland
2003 Augen Gallery Portland
2004 Augen Gallery Portland
2005 Augen Gallery Portland
2006 Davidson Gallery Seattle
2007 Davidson Gallery Seattle
2008 Bajaj Art Gallery Mumbai
2010 Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai

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