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Social enterprise
FounderLorina Sthapit, Irina Sthapit, Pursarth Tuladhar
HeadquartersKathmandu, Nepal
Area served
Nepal, United States

Aji's is a social enterprise that enables home based elderly makers to sell handmade products via their online store and retail partners.[1][2] Aji's currently has 17 makers from ages 58 to 92 based in Kathmandu Valley who make products ranging from knitted socks to macrame plant hangers.[3][4] Majority of the makers are women with one 70 year old male maker.[5][6][3]

Aji's was founded in Kathmandu by sister duo Lorina Sthapit, Irina Sthapit, and Pursarth Tuladhar in 2018.[5] Champa Devi Tuladhar, 76, grandmother of Lorina and Irina was the inspiration for starting Aji's.[6][7] 'Aji' means grandmother in Newar language.[5][6]

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