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Al Chalk is an American voice actor, broadcaster, musician, songwriter and producer. He has voiced thousands of movie trailers, TV promos, commercials, and other audio presentations. He has also appeared on-camera in Hollywood film and television programs. In addition to his voice-over career, Al has released an album of world fusion music on his indie BoobyTrap Records label entitled United States of Us.

In 1978, Chalk played a member of fictional band the Chesterfields in the film American Hot Wax, the story of DJ Alan Freed.[1][2]

Chalk and four of his fellow voice-over artistsDon LaFontaine, John Leader, Nick Tate, and Mark Elliot—appeared together in the short film 5 Men and a Limo, produced as an introduction segment for the 26th Annual Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards in 1996.[3]

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