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Allan (Al) Golden is a politician and businessman in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Golden is involved in many business operations, including the St. Vital Hotel and the Transcona Country Club. He entered politics after being encouraged by former Mayor of Winnipeg Stephen Juba, to run in the 1980 mayoral election. While Golden is not an ally of Winnipeg's traditional conservative leadership, he has nonetheless been described as a populist right-winger. He has been equally notorious for his political achievements and business ventures as his personal scandals.

Career in politics[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Golden entered into Winnipeg politics to run in the 1980 Winnipeg mayoral election, which he lost to Bill Norrie, the candidate of the right-leaning Independent Citizens' Election Committee with 25.74% of the votes.Golden would remain a strong opponent of the ICEC throughout his career. Golden considered running against Norrie once again in 1986, but declined. Norrie was again elected mayor in 1986 with over 75% of the votes. It was not until 1988 that Golden ran for office again, this time being elected as a city councillor in the district of St. Vital. Golden was re-elected three times, serving on Council until 2000.

Scandal[edit | hide | edit source]

In April 2000, Golden was found guilty of filing a false statement on a 1989 tax return and failing to declare $727,000 in income. He was convicted of tax fraud and was forced to resign his seat on city council.[1] He ran as a candidate to replace himself in the succeeding by-election, but lost.

Return to politics[edit | hide | edit source]

Following the tax evasion scandal of 2000, Golden ran as a candidate to replace himself in the succeeding by-election, but lost.

In 2002, he opted to run for mayor after Garth Steek pulled out of the race, in an attempt to challenge popular incumbent Glen Murray. Golden lost the race to Murray, finishing second with 37.56% of the votes.

Golden made a third attempt at running for Mayor of Winnipeg in 2004, following Murray's resignation. He placed third, with only 14.84% of the votes, his lowest vote percentage to date.

Since 2000, Golden has not held political office.

Prior to the provincial election of 2003 in Manitoba, the Winnipeg Free Press reported that Golden had met with Stuart Murray, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba, regarding the possibility of one of Golden’s sons being a candidate for the party.

Golden was a founding member of the Old Market Square restoration, and runs a transportation service for seniors.