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Alain-Fabien Delon in 2014

Alain-Fabien Delon is a French model and actor, born March 18, 1994 in Gien, France. He is the son of French actor Alain Delon and model Rosalie Van Breemen, brother of Anouchka Delon and Anthony Delon.

In 2013, he appears in You and the Night directed by Yann Gonsalez[1] and on the cover of Vogue Homme shot by David Sims.[2]

In 2014 he plays the lead in Der Doppelganger[3][4] directed by Julien Landais for Vogue Italia.[5] and walks the Gucci runway show in Milan.[6]

In 2015, he becomes the image of the Dior Homme[7] ad campaign shot by David Sims.[8]

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