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Aleko (Aleksandre) Elisashvili, born 1978, is a journalist and urban activist in Tbilisi, Georgia, and currently also is running as an independent mayoral candidate in the municipal elections in Tbilisi, scheduled for October 2017.[1] As one of four candidates, he has positioned himself as an alternative between the ruling Georgian Dream party and the previous ruling party, the United National Movement, claiming that both these parties share responsibility for the persistent problems that Tbilisi faces.[2] His platform emphasizes his independence, both from other parties and from business interests.[3]

Elisashvili gained public attention through his advocacy related to the reconstruction and redevelopment of Gudiashvili Square, in Sololaki in Tbilisi. He has been a leader of protests against other large urban development projects in Tbilisi.[4] Elisashvili also gained attention through his work as the chair of the Presidential Pardon Commission, in 2013–2014, where he alleged influence-peddling.[5] The allegation implicated senior government figures, claiming these had received $200.000 to secure a presidential pardon for a convict, and involved the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia.[6] Elisashvili has previously worked as a journalist, among others also for Maestro (TV channel).[7]

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