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Aleksandar Ćuković (born 27 March 1991) is a Montenegrian author, writer and political scientist.

Biography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Ćuković was born on 27 March 1991 in Nikšić, Montenegro. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Podgorica, at the department of political science. He writes prose. He is the author of several scientific papers in the field of political science published by respected scientific journals in the region.[1] He is a member of the Association of Writers of Montenegro and the literary community ″Mirko Banjević″. He is the current secretary of the Association of Writers of Montenegro.[2]

Books[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Sporedni poredak ISBN 978-86-85741-23-4.
  • Omča ISBN 978-86-427-0915-4
  • Konture horizonta ISBN 978-9940-640-02-6

The contours of the horizon[edit | hide | edit source]

The book "The contours of the horizon",[3][4][5][6] is a compilation of interviews that led Ćuković with leading writers and intellectuals from Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia: Matija Bećković, ratko božović (Ratko Božović), slobodan vladušić (Slobodan Vladušić), aleksandar gatalica (Aleksandar Gatalica), Gojko Đogo, božo Đuranović (Božo Đuranović), Zoran Živković, Aleksandar Jerkov, Ranko Jovović, Predrag Krstić, Ilija Lakušić, pavle milenković (Pavle Milenković), Predrag Milidrag, Žarko Paić, Aleksandar Prnjat, Šerbo Rastoder and Petar Ćuković.

Other works[edit | hide | edit source]

  • The party system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, professional article (2013)
  • Aleksandar Prnjat of linguistic-expressive paternalism, professional article (2014)
  • The development of the electoral system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, professional article (2014)[7]
  • The power of national identity against the process of globalization, professional article (2014)
  • Ethnic conflicts in Africa, technical papers (with Milos Perovic), (2014)
  • Mihailo Markovic and Aleksandar Prnjat about the church and paternalism: controversy and its echoes, technical papers, (2015)[8]

Sources[edit | hide | edit source]

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