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Template:BLP primary sources Template:Use British English Template:Infobox presenter Alex Belfield (born 14 January 1980) is a British radio presenter, journalist, singer, comedian and entertainer.

Radio career[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

In September 1997, Belfield began his career as part of the launch team of Radio 106. In 1999, he moved to Nairobi, Kenya to present 'Belfield at Breakfast' at 98.4 Capital FM.[1] He then returned to the UK to rejoin Century 106 for a third year working on the breakfast show. In September 2001 he began his career as a talk/personality radio host after joining BBC Radio Leicester. After 18 months Belfield moved to Mansfield 103.2 FM in January 2004 to present The Lunchtime Mega Phone-in.[2] In February 2001, he launched his own production company, Alex Belfield Productions, providing bespoke celebrity programmes which have been broadcast on over 80 radio stations in the UK.[3] His subjects have included Ozzy Osbourne, Andrea Bocelli, Donny Osmond, Frankie Valli, Dame Edna Everage, Katherine Jenkins and Lord Sugar.[4] In 2002, Belfield presented a special programme, Live From New York,[5] to mark the first anniversary of the 11 September 2001 attacks, which was broadcast on 18 BBC radio stations in the UK. Guests included Ricki Lake and the Duchess of York.[citation needed]

Between 2004 and 2010, he appeared on radio stations, including Mercia FM, Touch FM,[6] BBC Bristol, BBC Radio Shropshire and BBC Hereford and Worcester.[7] Belfield also recorded programmes for 3 years for both Coastline FM in Spain and CityTalk 105.9 in Liverpool.[8] In 2006, he presented the breakfast show on Capital Gold in Birmingham for six weeks, before moving to London to take over the station's networked national late show called "The Late Night Revolution". He also presented Saturday Breakfast 6 amTemplate:Snd9 am.[9]

In May 2010, he joined BBC Radio Leeds to present the mid-morning show. Belfield attracted 50,000 listeners at 9 am, the station peak.[10] In February 2011, Belfield was on holiday in Egypt during the uprising against Hosni Mubarak and reported on events for BBC 5Live, BBC Breakfast on BBC 1, BBC News and BBC World.[11] Belfield also appeared Live on BBC Look North for Children In Need.[12] He raised £120,000 for the charity.[13] Belfield left BBC Radio Leeds in March 2011, saying "I'm not a journalist, never have been and frankly don't want to be".[14] He has since described his time at BBC Leeds as "the worst year of my life". His show attracted the highest ratings in 7 years.

In December 2011, Belfield made his debut on BBC Radio 2 with Jimmy Savile's "last in-depth interview", recorded at Savile's home in Leeds.[15] The interview was broadcast on Christmas Day 2011.[16] This interview was also published in The Sun on 31 October 2011, the day after his death, as a celebration of his life.[17] The interview was later republished in the Daily Star on 12 October 2012 following the ITV Exposure programme exposing Savile as a prolific paedophile.[18]

Belfield also recorded the last UK interview with Andy Williams, published in the Daily Mirror the morning after the singer's death.[19] Since 2012 Belfield has focused on presenting and producing content for his website Celebrity Radio.[20] This website offers audio & video celebrity interviews as well as international theatre, travel & restaurant reviews. His material has attracted over 39.8 million minutes viewed on YouTube since 2009, 10.7 million minutes in 2017 [21] and over 17.9 million unique hits.[22]

Radio controversies[edit | hide | edit source]

Over the years Belfield has courted controversy. In 2004 at Scarlet FM he regularly made the local newspapers after various stunts and controversial statements, with one listener describing his style as "moronic".[23] At Mansfield 103.2, he established a series of 'fake sackings' (one of which would involve Mansfield 103.2's managing director Tony Delahunty), in which he would pretend to be fired on the air and then magically reappear the following day.[24] In 2005 whilst hosting the late night radio show for Capital Gold Belfield referred to a mother of triplets as a "slapper". Belfield's comments were described as "ill-judged".[25] In 2010 whilst hosting BBC Radio Leeds mid-morning show Belfield was suspended for 1 day after making "lewd" comments about BBC Look North weather presenter Keeley Donovan.[26]

Entertainment career[edit | hide | edit source]

Template:BLP primary sources Since 1994, Belfield has worked as a touring stand-up comedian, singer, entertainer and pianist.[citation needed]He has also taught many choirs including the 'St Anthony's Choir' for seven years from 1995 in Nottingham.[27]Template:Primary source inline Belfield began working for ITV in April 2013 as a Warm-Up Comedian. He regularly worked for Loose Women. Belfield returned for the new series of Loose Women in September 2013 at ITV Studios on London's Southbank.[28] Alex performs over 200 Live shows per year.[29] Belfield celebrated 20 years in Live Entertainment in 2014.[30] In May 2017 Belfield returned to Las Vegas & Broadway for 5 weeks to record over 100 interviews & reviews with many top stars.[31] Last years 'Las Vegas Top 10 List' attracted over 650,000 hits on YouTube.[32][33] On 12 August 2017 he compered a charity gala for Merrill Osmond for Hearing Fund UK starring Brian Conley, Darren Day & Steve Hewlett.[34]

In January 2018 Belfield returned to Florida to record new reviews in Miami, Naples, Key West & Marco Island.[35] Belfield continues to tour his Live show following a 59-date Christmas tour in December 2017.

Journalism[edit | hide | edit source]

Since 2013 Alex has worked as a freelance writer for The Sun, Sun on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Sunday People and Daily Star.

In 2017 he has had three front pages exclusive stories and over 100 page lead stories published in the national press.[36]

Belfield's biggest global story happened in June 2015. He flew to New York after breaking a world exclusive of a near fatal accident at a Criss Angel magic show. He broke the story in the Daily Mirror which later ran on over 200 outlets, the most watched morning show in the USA, NBC Today Show as well as CBS, FOX & CNN. The clip has had 789,000+ hits to date on YouTube. The clip was featured around the world on 'Magic Gone Wrong' TV Special in 2017.[37][38][39][40]

In August 2015 Belfield made national headlines with his controversial Noel Edmonds interview in the Daily Mirror [41] This interview was later printed in the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Radio Times & debated on BBC 5 Live & more.[42][43][44][45][46]

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