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Alex Charfen an American keynote speaker, thought leader and businessperson. Charfen is an occasional commentator on CNBC[1] and FOXNews[2][3][4] for small business and real estate issues. He also occasionally blogs for the Huffington Post[5] and CNBC.[6]

Early years[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Charfen was born in Mexico City and raised in Southern California.[7][8] When he was young, his father opened a roofing tile factory to take advantage of the California housing boom of the 1970s, but the downturn in the market caused the factory to close.[9] The experience of his family's struggle during this time has been stated as "formative" for Charfen.[9]

Career[edit | hide | edit source]

During the early 2000s Charfen invested heavily in real estate.[7][8] The Florida housing market crash of 2006 resulted in the decimation of Charfen's real estate portfolio and ultimately bankruptcy.[7]

In 2007, Charfen, along with his wife, Cadey, founded the Distressed Property Institute (now the Charfen Institute)[10] and created the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) Designation to teach real estate agents how to close short sales.[7] As of 2011, more than 30,000 real estate agents had taken the CDPE course.[7][10]

In 2011, the Charfen Institute was number 21 on the "Inc. 500", Inc. Magazine's list of the fastest growing companies in America.[11] The company repeated its appearance on the list in 2012 at #187[12] and made the "Inc. 5,000" list in 2013.[13]

Personal life[edit | hide | edit source]

Charfen is married to Cadey Charfen, Co-founder of the Charfen Institute.[7] They have two children and live in Austin, Texas.[8] Charfen is an avid runner.[7]

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