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Alex Merkin is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and editor. He is a New York native hailing from Boston University College of Communication. Merkin's directorial debut came in the 2006 short film Across the Hall, starring Adrien Grenier, which received over fifteen awards throughout the film festival circuit.

Director Alex Merkin

Merkin then developed a feature length screenplay with writers of Across the Hall, making its debut in theaters in 2009. The feature length version of Across the Hall stars Brittany Murphy, Mike Vogel, and Danny Pino, and was noted as being "a riveting trip into betrayal and revenge".[1] It was theatrically released into the U.S. Market, and is currently available on Blu-ray And DVD. His work on the film earned Merkin the award for "Best Thriller of 2010 by Gorezone Magazine in London, England. The Daily Variety again noted Merkin's work as "truly one of the finest suspense"[2] films.

Queen Latifah's newly formed production company, Flavor Unit, chose Merkin to helm the company's debut feature films, Percentage, and House of Bodies. Percentage starred Cam'rom, and Macy Gray.[3]

Aside from Merkin's theatrical work, he is also a commercial director, editor, and music videographer. He has had recurring projects with HBO, Puma, Sony, First Look Studios, Toyota, Bad Boy, Epic Records, Atlantic Records, Samsung, Ruff Ryder, Harlem World and Frank151.Template:Fact Merkin designed and supervised the build of the new television and film department at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute at New York University in an effort to instill fundamentals in film making, and further the appreciation for the art.

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