Alexandre Moniz Barbosa

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Alexandre Moniz Barbosa

Alexandre Moniz Barbosa is a Goan journalist and writer, and winner of the 2013 biennial Goan Short Story competition.[1]

Barbosa has written, inter alia, for the Times of India.[2] After a spell as Assistant Editor at Goa Today, he became Assistant Resident Editor for the Times of India, Goa Edition.

Literary writing[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Barbosa wrote the novel Touched By The Toe (2004), set in sixteenth-century Goa, and taking its name an incident in which a Portuguese noblewoman bit off a toe from the relics of St Francis Xavier.[3][4]

He translated from Portuguese to English essays by José Inácio Candido de Loyola, as Passionate and Unrestrained (2008).[5]

In 2011 he published the book Goa Rewound, a socio-political commentary on Goa.[6]

He has also written scholarly articles[7] and short stories.[8]

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