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Template:Infobox YouTube personality Ali Sheharyar (Template:Lang-ur) better known by his YouTube and Social Media pseudonym Ali Haider is a Pakistani-American YouTube personality and social media figure best known for his YouTube techy videos.[1][2] [3]

Career[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Ali is the youngest Pakistani SEO expert who is also the CEO of BlogRex [4] - the ultimate source of learning about SEO in a simple and interesting way. He is also running a well-popular Youtube channel alias TechSmart having a great number of views and subscribers that nobody has ever done at such a young age. Being the youngest SEO expert, he has been featured in The Huffington Post and many other well-known websites.[5][6][7]

What Ali stands out from the crowd his prowess and ability helping the people so that they can be an entrepreneur. Moreover, he has made many people successful in order to earn their first dollar from the internet. He has made many successful and amazing courses about SEO and Youtube which are being offered to many international people. [8][9]

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