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Almir Badnjević was born 13.07.1986. in Bosanska Krupa.[1], Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated in Electrical Engineering in 2010 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina. He finished his PhD thesis: “Integrated Software System for Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Classification” in 2015. at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. From 2010 to 2013 he finished additional specializations in the field of medical devices, standards, respiratory system, pulmonary system, sleep medicine and gas analysis from Carefusion and Radiometer companies. From 2010. he has been working as an Industry Expert at Faculty of Electrical Engineering o, University of Sarajevo in the field of Biomedical Signals and Systems. In 2014. he startied promotion of Biomedical Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rest of South East European area. The same year he established Bosnia and Herzegovina Medical and Biological Engineering Society (Društvo za medicinski i biološki inžinjering u Bosni i Hercegovini - DMBIUBIH)[2] that gathers University professors, Professionals and Students in the field of Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Almir is President of this Society.

The same year he established the first Medical Devices Verification Laboratory Verlab[3] in South – East European Region. The lab started with independent verification of medical devices in Bosnia and Herzegovina and SEE area. This is the first European laboratory that deals with medical devices which are the part of the legal metrology system. In 2015. DMBIUBIH[4] led by President Badnjević implemented the first International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (CMBEBIH)[5] in Bosnia and Herzegovina with almost 500 participants from 20 different countries. That was the biggest scientific event in the last 20 years in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two year later, in 2017., they made second International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (CMBEBIH)[6] with more than 700 participants from the 37 different world countries. The Conference was endorsed by IFMBE[7] and ESEM. It had technical co sponsorship from IEEE[8]. Paper publication was done by Springer[9]. With this event, Badnjević moved the borders of the scientific events in the Europe. From 2015 he is working as Assistant Professor and Head of Department of Genetics and Bioengineering at Faculty of Engineering and Information technologies at International Burch University[10]. In 2016 he received the rector's award from the International Burch University as one of the best researcher in past year. Also, he is Assistant Professor at Technical Faculty, University of Bihać[11] in the field of Intelligent Systems and Artificial Neural Networks. By three years from the starting activities in Biomedical Engineering he employed more than 300 young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is European consultant and trainer for Fluke Biomedical[12] company and he is member of international committee for Medical Devices. He authored more than 50 Book chapters, Journal Articles or Papers from the International Conferences.

He is an Editorial Board Member on Technology and Health Care Journal[13], Board Member of ESEM[14] and member of IEEE EMB TC on Cardiopulmonary Systems[15]. He is married and he is father of one daughter.

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