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Ami Dror is an Israeli entrepreneur.[1] Dror is a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute and an active member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Dror founded companies such as XPAND 3D, which he led into a global 3D Cinema industry frontrunner;[2][3] LeapLearner (Founder and CEO); Amblyz, for the treatment of childhood amblyopia, and Zaitoun Ventures, a Jewish-Arab investment company and Startup factory. Through Zaitoun's investment vehicle, Dror invested in Comedy Break, a Tel Aviv-Ramallah startup using facial detection to personalize comedy for users; Myndlift, an Arab-Israeli startup with an app that can improve attention disorders without negative side effects; Ninispeech, an app on behalf of stutterers; Sidis Labs, which produce wearable technology for alleviating motion sickness; Teramount, a Muslim-Jewish startup company providing optical connectivity for future chipsets; and, perhaps most notably, Zaitoun Ventures.[4] and LeapLearner.[5] Ami has hosted TEDx talk.[6]

In 2014, he was also a jury at Cannes Lions.[7] He was made innovation President at Euro Best.[8] Ami Dror is a Strategic Advisor at Space For Humanity.[9] Ami Dror is on the Digital Intelligence (DQ) advisory board.

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