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AmirMohammad Dehghan
Born (1997-10-28) 28 October 1997 (age 22)
Other names"PrinceOfPersia" (handle)
EducationMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Known forCompetitive programming, algorithm posts in Codeforces, programming competitions in Codeforces and HackerEarth and Web development.

AmirMohammad Dehghan (Template:Lang-fa, AKA Amir, born 28 October 1997), is a Iranian sport programmer who ranked 31st and won silver medal in IOI 2016. He was previously known for his several algorithm articles and programming contest in Codeforces website. His top accomplishments include silver medal in the International Olympiad in Informatics[1] as well as two Asian Pacific Informatics Olympiad silver medals in 2015 and 2016 and Iran National Olympiad in Informatics gold and silver medals.

Biography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Amir was born in Tehran, capital of Iran. His father MohammadReza is an electrical engineer (graduated from Sharif University of Technology). His parents divorced when Amir was 7 years old and he grew up with his father whom remarried a year after that.

From a very young age he showed desire to IT and by the time he was 12 he could make complicated windows applications using C#. It was in Salam IranZamin high school in Tehran where he found his way to Olympiad in Informatics and learned to code in C++ and was taught by programming teachers such as Yasser Ahmadi Phoulady and MohammadReza Maleki. He won silver medal in Iran National Olympiad in Informatics in his sophomore year of high school and gold medal a year after that. He was then chosen to be in Iran International Olympiad in Informatics team in 2016 (Kazan, Russia), which got 31st place and silver medal in.

It was in 9th grade that he got interested in web development and made competitive programming websites with PHP such as OlympusTemplate:Dn and GOITemplate:Dn. Two years later he self-taught himself to develop websites using Python and Django platform and he made competitive programming website Codezilla (which was then shut down in 2017).

After he graduated from high school he took a gap year started working at Iranian IT company, Cafebazaar as a part-time web developer (mostly back-end). He worked on Divar startup in Cafebazaar.

After his gap year he started studying computer science in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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