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Amira Pyliotis is an independent singer/songwriter, who is the sole musician behind Tecoma Music. Originally from Melbourne, Australia she has made her home in Alice Springs, where the desert has given her much of her inspiration. Her style has been called "post trip-hop" by the Rolling Stone (April 2007)[citation needed] and "alternative roots music".

She is known for an eclectic mix of music, a distinctive voice, and a thoroughly engaging style when performing with live audiences. Since 2005 she has been touring nationally in Australia and internationally. Her most recent album has been receiving national airplay on Triple J and other Australian radio stations.[citation needed]

Biography and Career[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Amira is originally from Melbourne Australia. Originally trained as a jazz and classical trumpet player, her earlier influences were Louis Armstrong and other early recording artists, whose influence can be heard in her performances. In 2004 she moved to Alice Springs and further developed her style playing smaller, local places. While she has played with many notable artists, she found one of her greatest strengths singing and playing guitar without accompaniment, engaging the audience as an integral part of the performance (described by some as if the audience were another instrument she had mastered).

She toured Australia nationally in 2005 and 2006, building up a fan base and earning recognition and awards from ARPA Australia and national exposure on pop-oriented ratio stations. In 2007, she returned to Melbourne to develop her newest EP Home Brew.

Recent performances have included a well-attended session at Womadelaide 2008, the world music festival in Adelaide, Australia.

Discography[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Home Brew (2007)
  • Air to me (single release, 2007)
  • City Folk (2004)

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