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Amy Applebaum
Amy Applebaum.jpg
Born (1970-03-30) March 30, 1970 (age 50)
OccupationLifestyle and Business Coach, Author, hypnotherapist and meditation guide
TitleAmy Applebaum

Amy Applebaum is an American lifestyle and business coach known today for her focus on Mompreneur success.[1] Since 1999, she has launched multiple businesses focused primarily upon serving women entrepreneurs. As part of her enterprise, she has written multiple books and articles, created and marketed hypnosis recordings, hosted live and virtual conferences, and delivered keynote addresses at events devoted to entrepreneurial success.

Biography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

The oldest of five children, two sisters and two brothers, Applebaum attributes her leadership skills to her early live experiences. Her first job was for her father, Michael, at the age of 14. She went door-to-door to local businesses, asking retailers and office managers to allow an "honor box" of candies and snacks to be placed in the establishments.[2] She would later work at the Aloha Roller Skating Rink in San Jose, California, which was also owned by her family.[2] Michael, and Amy by extension, was introduced to the vending machine business model, leading to both eventually join the industry.

Applebaum originally considered becoming a therapist, but she soon shifted her studies to earn a degree in Organizational Communications from California State University, Chico. She was guided by her fascination with human behavior—particularly the ways that self-determination can influence or hinder happiness and success.[3] After graduation, she moved to the Los Angeles area and worked as an actor in several national commercial campaigns before founding her own vending company in the area.

Coaching Companies[edit | hide | edit source]


  • The Ambitious Women's Success Club (AWSC)[4] Expanding upon the membership model, multiple prominent life coaches are available to coach members on-demand, and multiple live and virtual events are offered monthly.
  • Hypnosis, Meditation and Coaching Group, LLC.[5] Applebaum is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and American Board of NLP (ABNLP) as a Master Life Coach, Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. She has created more than 100 audio downloads and mobile apps for fostering leadership, confidence, brain function, weight loss, anxiety control, relationship improvement, creativity, and wealth.

Former Iterations (now Amy Applebaum, Inc.)

  • Release Your Inner Millionairess (RYIM): A membership-based coaching club structured around a one-year program consisting of twelve 60-90 minute audio courses.
  • Bootcamp for Your Mind®: With "Empowering women in creating lives that they love" as its tagline, this life coaching program formalized Applebaum's "Six Step Process."[6]
  • Totally Fabulous Females® (TFF): A women's community focused upon networking at live events hosted in the Los Angeles area.

Media Appearances[edit | hide | edit source]

Books: Frustrated to Fabulous was published in 2013. She has published several ebooks, and a second full-length book is in development, based upon the Pitch Me Mom podcast launched in 2015.


Print and online publication contributions

Major market radio appearances: Martha Stewart Living Radio and Leeza at Night.

The Amy Applebaum YouTube channel has more than 200 videos posted to date, and the Pitch Me Moms podcast is available on iTunes.[9]

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