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Andrew C. Aronson (Andy) (born 12 March 1953) is an author of Greek and Latin books for students and teachers. His first Latin book was released in the year 2000 and was followed by several more. Aronson has taught Latin at schools including Sidwell Friends School, Waynflete School, The University of Southern Maine and the Spence School. He holds the B.A. from Kenyon College and the M.A. from Indiana University Bloomington.[1]

Aronson was born in Boston, MA. In 1990 he married and had two sons. Andrew taught Latin at Sidwell in Washington D.C until 2003 when he moved to Maine and taught at Waynflete School for 2 years then commuted back to D.C and taught Latin and became an Academic Dean. In 2006 Andrew opened a store in Portland Maine named Harbor View Gifts then a year later opened another store in Portland called Communiques.

Books[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

  • Catullus and Horace by Andrew Aronson. [2][3]
  • Love and Betrayal: A Catullus Reader by Bruce Arnold, Andrew Aronson, Gilbert Lawall
  • Selections from Caesar's De Bello Gallico by Andrew Aronson[4][5]

Notes[edit | hide | edit source]

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