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Biography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Andrew Amini is an American scientist who developed a method for detecting seizures via strategically-placed, bipolar electroencephalograms.[1] Born in New York, he and his family moved to Ireland and lived there for 3 years. He returned to the United States 3 years later and attended Yorktown High School where he would go on to develop his project for the science research program.[2] He also participates on his school tennis team where he is a team captain.[3]

Scientific Achievements[edit | hide | edit source]

Andrew Amini placed first in his category at the WESEF competition in Westchester County for his work.[4] He then competed in the ISWEEP(International Sustainable World: Energy, Engineering & Environment) competition, located in Houston, where he won the grand prize for health and disease prevention.[5] His technology has already been deployed and is currently used throughout the country to detect seizures before they happen. Amini has also placed third in the annual Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in the computer science category and won a google award for his work.[6]

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