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Andrew Goldfarb is a musician, artist, and novelist living in San Francisco, California. He is a member of the bizarro fiction movement in literature.[1]

As an artist, Goldfarb has been working on the ongoing comic series "Ogner Stump's One Thousand Sorrows" since 1997.[2] The comic follows the misadventures of Ogner Stump and his amorphous companion Slub Glub as they explore a surreal version of our modern world. The first 25 episodes were collected in a single volume, published by Wonderalla Books.[3] Goldfarb's column, "Ask the Slow Poisoner" and his comic "Ogner Stump's One Thousand Sorrows" are being published in PORK (magazine).

As a musician, Goldfarb plays as The Slow Poisoner, a One-Man-Surrealistic-Rock-and-Roll-Band. His songs concern "sleeping sickness, weeping willows, woebegotten ne’er-do-wells, creeping fungi, strange passions, furtive meetings, unseen forces, whispering branches, domestic dischord, phantom visitations, the imbibing of mysterious green beverages and strange America."[4] The Slow Poisoner has become a favorite on the playlist of The Clockwork Cabaret, a steampunk-themed radio broadcast that streams worldwide online, and has been an in-studio guest several times.[5] In July 2010, The Slow Poisoner was a headliner at "The League of Temporal Adventurers First Society Gala", the steampunk "after-party" at San Diego Comic-Con International.[6]

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  • Ogner Stump's One Thousand Sorrows (2003)
  • Ballad of a Slow Poisoner (2007)
  • Slub Glub in the Weird World of the Weeping Willows (2009)

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