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Angela Craciun
Angela Craciun.jpg
Angela Craciun
NationalityRomanian French
OccupationMinerologist and promotion of cultural heritage of Loire Valley, France
Known forEstablishing World Mineralogy Organization (WMO) (Organisation Mondiale de Mineralogie),

Angela Craciun is a Romanian national settled in France who is a mineralogist who established the World Mineralogy Organization to promote research and new ideas in mineralogy on a global basis, and is also actively involved in promoting the cultural heritage of the Chateau de la Huardiere, a castle which she owns in the Loire River Valley, France. She is also involved in encouraging film organizations at the international level.[1][2]

Craciun established the Arthema International Group and is its President. Establishing of the "Indigo Magazine”, which is a reference book for the new Romanian press, is credited to her.[3] She is also an honorary member of the Association Les Amis de la France.[1]

Biography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Craciun's education was in Romania where she studied at the Technical University of Petrosani and received her Doctorate in Mineralogy. She also pursued studies in business management in Japan. In the field of mining technology, she studied in Russia and France.[1] She has proficiency in many international languages.[3]

From 2001 to 2003 Craciun founded the Directorate for Public Diplomacy under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania and worked as its Director. She represented Romania in international events and was involved in advising the Romanian Government on key issues such as her country's representation in the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.[3]

Chateau de la Huardiere, castle on the bank of Loire river, France

Craciun is pursuing efforts to establish the Chateau de la Huardiare, a 19th century castle on the banks of the Loire River, which she owns, as an international center of cultural events.[4] She is developing several cultural projects within her castle at Loire in association with film director Elisabeta Bostan, President of Cinemaiubit Student Film Festival, Joel Soler, President of Cinéma vérité Institute, and Robin Saban, President of International Student Film Festival, Hollywood; the projects which she has mooted are the ACAP Loire-Association pour la Conaissance de la Culture et du Patrimoine de la Loire, Diamond Cinema, and Diamonds Ball.[4] Joel Soler who is associating with her on the art projects noted that the castle "is such a romantic place and in that sense the place is perfect for Angela" and that "she is very much a Romantic Romanian in France!"[5]

In the deliberations held at the International Conference of Mineralogy at Yalta, in September 2003 Craciun mooted the idea of establishing the World Mineralogical Organization as a scientific NGO in the constitutional framework of an international association; the scientists participating in the conference supported her. As result the "Organisation Mondiale de Mineralogie" (OMM) or the World Mineralogical Organization became a reality in 2004 with headquarters at Monaco with membership of a body of scientists, academicians, researcher scholars, curators, specific scientific organizations, and editors of journals in the field of Mineralogy.[6] The objective of this organization which she is actively pursuing is to encourage research and cooperation in the field of mineralogy and to organize seminars and conferences in this discipline. Medals, titled in the name of Prince Rainier III and Prince Albert I are awarded by her as part of the organization encouragement for outstanding contributions in this field.[1]

In July 2004 she organized an exhibition titled “Treasure of the Stone Belt” with exhibits of mineral samples from Transylvania, Romania, under the aegis of the Monaco Oceanographic Museum for which Craciun was congratulated by the Prince Albert II de Monaco. In continuation, from September 15 to 17, 2004, she spearheaded holding of the "First International Mineralogy Days of Monaco", which was supported by Prince Rainier III and the UNESCO with participation by mineralogists, geologists, and geophysicists and experts in Earth Sciences from many countries.[6]

Angela Craciun with Irina Antonova.

Craciun is signatory to an agreement with Irina Antonova, President of Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow and President of Fondation André Malraux to hold an exhibition in honour of André Malraux, novelist, art theorist and former Minister of Cultural Affairs.[7]

Honours[edit | hide | edit source]

Craciun has received many accolades for her contribution in the scientific and public service fields. Some of these awards are: Two Gold Medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions held in Bucharest, Romania in 2003; "Medal of Excellence" and the Prize of the Best presentation during the International Scientific Conference on "Topical Problems of Mineral Resource Development" held at Saint Petersburg in Russia in 2005; was honoured as "Professor Rzhevsky" by the Moscow State Mining University, for promoting cooperation among international universities in the field of mining.[3]

Membership[edit | hide | edit source]

Craciun held membership in the Russian Federation, the Association of Engineering Geologists (USA), Mineralogical Society of America, Club Allemand International de la Principauté de Monaco, and Monte-Carlo Country Club.[3]

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