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Ania Bas (1981) is a live artist based in London. Bas was trained as a cultural animator, and situates herself within a socially oriented mode of art practice.[1] She works in a variety of participatory modes, including walks, workshops, events, texts and performances.Through her work, Bas challenges the existing frameworks of participation and examines how 'narratives shape our understanding, mythology and knowledge of places and people.'[2]

Selected Works[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Walking Reading Group (Ongoing)[edit | hide | edit source]

Bas is a founder member of the Walking Reading Group, with Simone Mair, they were later joined by Lydia Ashman.[3] The Walking Reading Group facilitates one on one conversations about critical texts while on the move. Participants switch partners throughout the walk, and the walks end with an optional drink in a pub.[4] Each walk is based on intimate exchanges about specific sets of readings, which are tied to the site and context in which the walk is made.[1]

The Walking Reading Group has been presented at galleries, arts spaces and exhibitions throughout Europe, including Gasworks Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Open School East,[5] [space], the Showroom, Bow Arts, Iniva, Peer Gallery, Deveron Arts and the WALKING WOMEN exhibition at Somerset House.

Object Exchange (2016)[edit | hide | edit source]

In collaboration with Transport for London's Art on the Underground, the William Morris Gallery and the Black Cultural Archives, Bas created Object Exchange (2016) a project for young people, aged 16-22. Bas worked with participants to explore the archival collections and create a magazine 'Object Exchange: More than a Copy', which was handed out at tube stations in Brixton and Walthamstow, and exhibited at the Gallery and Archives.[6]

Show Me How (2015)[edit | hide | edit source]

In 2015 she was commissioned to create a piece of art for the Market Town project in Loughborough. The resulting art work, Show Me How (2015) used the majority of the money of the project to commission local makers to share their skills. The project focused around the exchange of practical skills and knowledge, and Show Me How created an opportunity for local people to share skills such as woodwork, pottery, etc. that may no longer have commercial currency.[7]

Urbanscape + Ruralsprawl (2015)[edit | hide | edit source]

Commissioned by Deveron Arts, Bas in collobaration with Tim Knowles, created a series of performative walks around Summerhall for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Participants were led through corridors, cupboards and lecture halls in different walking styles: walking in pairs, in silence, blind, etc. The participatory performance was followed by a panel discussion on the difference between rural and urban forms of walking, which included artist Alec Finlay.[8]

Isles of Silly (2010)[edit | hide | edit source]

Isles of Silly was an exploration of contested spaces with year 9 students at their school in Stoke Newington. Created in partnership wtih Whitechapel Gallery, the work resulted in a live performance and public tour by Bas and year 9 students.

Selected Publications[edit | hide | edit source]

Bas, Ania (2014) @localtradetheory. Cardiff: Collective Assault Art Production Organisation.

References[edit | hide | edit source]

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