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Anita Fuentes
Anita Rivera

(1978-03-08) March 8, 1978 (age 42)
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Other namesEvangelist Anita Fuentes
OccupationEvangelist, pastor
Years activeTemplate:Circa—present
Home townCleveland, Ohio,[1] United States
TelevisionChristian Broadcasting Network
Ignacio Fuentes (m. 2002)

Anita Fuentes (née Rivera; born March 8, 1978),[3] also known by her professional title, Evangelist Anita Fuentes, is a Puerto Rican-American Christian evangelist and pastor[3] best known for her end times broadcast Open Your Eyes People and The Evangelistic Ministries of Anita Fuentes.[3]

Early life and career[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Anita Fuentes was born Anita Rivera on March 8, 1978 in Boston, Massachusetts to Eugenio Martir and Frances Rivera of Puerto Rico.[3] She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with her abusive mother.[4] During Fuentes' teen years, she ran away from home.[4] After she ran away from home, she became a stripper. “When I started doing it, it was nerve wracking. But of course after the first time that I did, it was to me it was easy. It was raunchy. It was a very bad atmosphere. Guys just wanted to touch you and they were not allowed to but to make more money you could let them. There would actually be a back room where there was prostitution going on. I didn’t go that far, but just the fact that I would do lap dances and whatever I could to do to make more money without going as far as the other girls were going, I would do it.” Fuentes said in an interview with The 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting Network.[4]

In 2001, she moved to California to become a model, where she met her now husband, Ignacio Fuentes.[3][4] They married 6 months later in April 2002.[4] She later attended church and became a Christian in 2005 along with her husband in 2007.[4]

Personal beliefs[edit | hide | edit source]

Anita Fuentes has stated her personal beliefs on several YouTube clips. In 2013, she stated that Boston Marathon bombings as well as the September 11 attacks conspiracy theories were just "theories".[5]

In 2015, she said that marriage was between "One man and one woman", and later saying "This is not okay, it's literally mocking the image of God," while discussing topic of same-sex marriage in Ireland.[6]

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