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Ankit[1] (born 4 January 1992), under his stage name Ankit Sharda,[2] is an Indian record producer, international psychedelic trance artist and vocalist. He is best known for his recent launch of the track Fortune & Glory[3] which was played by Armin van Buuren at A State Of Trance Episode 848 (#ASOT848)[4] on 11-01-2018 and emerged as one of the most listened to music. Armin van Buuren[5] also featured "Fortune & Glory" on his Vlog #32 Searching Form My Roots.

Background[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Ankit Sharda[6], as a young lad always had a passion for music in his heart and the curiosity to explore different musical vistas. He didn’t undergo any professional training before coming into music industry.

Ankit Sharda, with the strength and support of his family completed his mechanical engineering in the year 2014. Also pursued a masterd diploma in automotive design in the year 2015. In spite of his busy schedule he managed to spend extra hours in conceiving and composing new tracks and now trailing incubus as an artist.

Breakthrough[edit | hide | edit source]

Ankit Sharda, met Camel Light on Facebook and his first psychedelic trance track Namastasyai[7] was released on 23-01-2017 by Eclipse Records.[8] After Camel light, he collaborated with the international trance music producer Omiki and Planet 6 from Israel. They furthermore launched their first music contrived together, Krishna[9] which was ranked number one position worldwide and was released on 27-04-2017 by Spin Twist Records][10] and Ankit Sharda]. He was again approached by Dimibo,[11] the very polished duo music producers from Seattle , and within 2 days of their collaboration a new track Fortune & Glory was released on 12-01-2018 at "Who’s afraid of 138?!"[12] This track was again reinforced by Seven Lions, by playing the track on the biggest festival worldwide the Electric Daisy Carnival[13] in 2017.

Fortune and Glory was released at Wao 138 on 12-01-2018. Released by Armada Music].[14] and rrached fourth position worldwide. Now, Ankit Sharda[15] is all set up to launch his new tracks and will make audience go all crazy after his groovy, trippy, weird and melodic scapes. A New Dawn is on its way.

Discography[edit | hide | edit source]

As featured artist[edit | hide | edit source]

Tours and club’s[edit | hide | edit source]

Ankit Sharda and Omiki on his tour in India on 22 July performed together at PEBBLE - the jungle lounge[19] Bangalore where Ankit Sharda performed live as a psytrance vocalist for the first time ever.

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