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Anthony Caruana (born 2 January 1968) is a Melbourne-based technology journalist who writes for Macworld Australia,Template:Fact The Australian Broadcasting Corporation,[1] several titles from Next Media,[2][3] IT Wire[4] and many other publications. He was the Chief Editor of the ANZ section of TechTarget from April 2011 to January 2012 where he regularly wrote articles for SearchCIO AU.[5] He was also a regular contributor to The Age for several years.

He was the founding editor of Technology Decisions,[6] a new technology magazine that launched in October 2012 and focuses on the needs of senior IT executives and influencers.

He made his start as one of the original review team members for Pocket PC Thoughts before being given an opportunity to write product reviews for APC Magazine under editor David Flynn.

In addition to writing about technology, Caruana has appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "The Business" as a technology commentator as well as otherTemplate:Which nationally broadcast news and current affairs shows in Australia.[7]Template:Fv He is also a regular on Raf Epstein's Drive program on 774 Local Radio Melbourne as part of the Geek Club segment that is on air every Wednesday from 3:30 pm.

Since early 2011, Caruana has been blogging about how to run a successful freelance business at Journo Advice.[8] He regularly speaks at events about this topic and spoke at the Melbourne Freelance Convention[9] in March 2012.

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