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Antonio Cappiello (born February 15, 1987), known by his stage name Anto, is an Italian singer-songwriter, musician and writer.

Biography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Anto was born outside of Milan, Italy. In 2006 Anto, better known as Tenshi Anto to fans of his band, joined forces with Alexander Valencia, Andrea Marullo and Francesca Lucrezio to develop a new sound and new band, called Summerline. In 2008 they signed with the famous German studio, House of Music Entertainment and were soon collaborating with director Robert Bröllochs (Melanie C, Shaggy, The Cure etc.) and other industry professionals. One of their songs was featured in the music film documentary, "God Smoked". After a time the ways of Summerline were parted, but in his afterglow Anto took the chance for a solo career. He created a team with writer Christine Noels and found new inspiration for his songs, where lyrics and expression are brazenly real. His first solo EP, "Whisper My Name" was a bold move with Anto stepping into the role of a producer. It was a decision that worked brilliantly, getting high praise from reviewers and fans alike. Now, with more experience, he is ready to launch his second self-produced EP, "Broken Pieces". The single "Back in Time" is the first video and also the first single from him.At the precipice of releasing his second solo EP, "Broken Pieces", Anto is excited.

"I have a new vision of making sound. It flies from a kind of an orchestral sound with soundtrack influences to pop/rock music with electro melodies that gives it that kind of originality that carries you inside the deepest side of yourself. Basically it's an introspective trip through this reality with no filters, no jokes, just pure truth."

Discography[edit | hide | edit source]

  • 2011: Whisper My Name (EP)
  • 2012: Broken Pieces (EP)

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