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File:The whole team.jpg
The Whole Team[1] Reunited without Frank
Aroc in the Studio 1997
File:Sam and Aroc onstage12345.jpg
Sam and Aroc, "All about the Benjis", 2007[2]

Aroc is an American entertainer and singer. He began working with Carlos MacNeil (producer) at the age of 14. Shortly after turning 15 he began working with the Rock/Pop band Weekend Excursion of the '90s as their second singer. He has shared the stage with the likes of Cowboy Mouth, Edwin McCain, Gran Torino, and the Excentrics. His voice has been used on shows such as Dawson's Creek and even MTV's The Real World.[3] His voice has been compared to that of John Popper, Darius Rucker, and Robert Cray.[4] Aroc was born to Alvin Shepherd, a network operator in Greensboro, NC on 9/15/1978. After his parents divorced when Aroc was just seven, he went on to live with his dad. He is the second oldest of six siblings and half-siblings. When he was three years old, he began a short modeling career for AMWAY. He was a promising athlete playing quarterback from the age of six to fourteen and on to play varsity his senior year. At the age of sixteen he was selling his first single, Stronger, along with merchandise.

Career[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

1994: Weekend Excursion[edit | hide | edit source]

File:AROC WITH THE BAND 1998.jpg

Shortly after turning 15 he began working with the Rock/Pop band Weekend Excursion[5] of the '90s. He has shared the stage with the likes of Cowboy Mouth, Edwin McCain, Gran Torino, and the Excentrics. His voice has been used on shows such as Dawson's Creek and MTV's The Real World.[6] His voice has been comparedTemplate:By whom to that of John Popper, Darius Rucker, and Robert Cray. When Aroc left the group to pursue his calling to Islam and pursue his educational goals, he was replaced by Sam Fisher, Jr.[7] and Bombs over Baghdad.[8] He then changed his name to Yusif Abdullai Sunnah.

2010: Solo beginnings[edit | hide | edit source]

After having an awful beginning of the new millennium, Aroc slowly got back on his feet. In 2001 he was arrested, overcharged and found not guilty of all charges similar to Kobe Bryant in 2001 for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He left a t-shirt at a friends home who had been randomly assaulted after a party.[9] He remained in the system although the plaintiff freely recanted that the wrong people were detained. Aroc, a conspiracy theorist, began to think that it was all personal. For nearly twelve years, from littering tickets to plea bargains he was forced to accept due to having no money to settle attorney's fees. He lost a well paying job, his common law wife, contact and visitation with two of his children, an unconsummated marriage to Lilly N.,the love, trust and respect of friends, family, and fans. Without BET where he lived, he lost touch with his people, relevance, and fell into deeper depression. He began to feel like Denzel Washington in the movie The Hurricane.[citation needed] In 2010, clean, sober, and no longer battling with his first ex wife over back support since 2008,[10] depression, or paranoid thoughts alone; he ran into a friend, Saadiq Lennon (IZZUE[11]), who had experienced similar circumstances. Aroc formed a non profit organization, Carolina Philanthropic Inc.,[12] a charity focusing on those in dire need of assistance with basic needs. His friend began a group called The City Council. Aroc did some vocals as well as management and coaching with the group. Due to financial issues, The City Council fell through.

Marriage[edit | hide | edit source]


In 2011 Aroc met his wife on the way to school at his local bus stop. In 2012, he married Rhoda Amira. They had a miscarriage once and now await the arrival of a new son.

Currently[edit | hide | edit source]

Aroc has turned over a new leaf combining sounds to create a new sound for the masses,[13] a new clothing line, as well as some other religious ventures.

Band mate[edit | hide | edit source]

Members of the band he has spent the most time with include Jeff Foxworth (lead guitar,), Chris Groch (rhythm guitar and vocals), Mike Ferry (electric fiddle), Daniel Donovan (bass guitar) and Cas Edmunds (drums and percussion).

Discography[edit | hide | edit source]

Stronger (1994) featuring Eruption
Blue, The Passport[14] (1995) featuring Getting By[15]
Five From Six[16] (1998) featuring Moving On[17]
Radioactive[18] (1999) featuring Better Man[19]
12 From 6[20] (2011) featuring The Longer Now[21]

Tours[edit | hide | edit source]

1995: Somewhere Turtle circuit
1996: West Point appointment
1997: Western Carolina circuit
1998: Middle Tennessee Carolina circuit
1999: East Coast summer tour

Influences[edit | hide | edit source]

Aroc is saidTemplate:By whom to be influenced by everyone from the Oak Ridge Boys, Prince, Michael Jackson, Steven Tyler, Sugar Ray, Darius Rucker, to Eddie Veder, Foo Fighters, to Nas, the ROC, Mob Deep, and Wutang Clan. According to a close friend, Daniel Donovan,[1] he's more than a singer, he's a great show!!.

References[edit | hide | edit source]

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