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Arslan Sheraz
Arslan Sheraz

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Other namesJerry
Known forRadio Jockey

Arslan Sheraz (born on 25th October 1995), is a Pakistani singer and a Radio Jockey(RJ),Famously known for his Talented Skills rather as a stage performer,as a Dancer,as a Radio re presenter or as a Singer.Arslan is a Folk and Classical singer trained from a Pakistani Playback Singer Mohammad Anwer Rafi from almost 5 years and from non-music background 10 years,He was one of the 11 finalist of a Singing Reality show Sensational voice of Pakistan.He launched his first Musical Album CHEHRA by the support of a Poet/Singer Raja Ishaq Asad and he became his first Music Director.He launched his debut Album on 14th February in UAE.

He is also known for a Radio Anchor of a Bollywood Radio Station 102.4 FM, Earlier in Pakistan he had also hold the post of Radio presenter at Sialkot Radio Channel 104 FM BURAG,Later he also worked for a Lahore Radio station 103 FM.

Personal life[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Arslan Sheraz born to a Muslim family in Karachi.He hold a degree of O Levels,Arts,Foundation and Business in Bachelors Administration,from Early age he Started taking parts in Several Competitions on school,Colleges and National Level.He also have the ability from a Indian Cultural Dancing Form Kathak,He learned it also from Dubai.

Music Album[edit | hide | edit source]

Arslan Sheraz was a Student in an institute of Pakistan Chand Bagh School which was basically a Boys boarding School, He almost took most of the parts in different competitions and Cultural Events,He comes in the contact of that institute's faculty member who teaches Urdu language subjects and also worked in Music Industry Raja Ishaq Asad ,here he took his Responsibility to work as his first music directer and composed Songs for him at Digital Vision Studio ,He involved Punjabi and Sindhi languages in the Album,The Songs were included was Chehra,Ishq ka jadoo,Tuj mein muskuratein,Balley Balley,Dekha hai,Nend apko mili,saah,and O shona, After it's completion Arslan decided to launched it in United Arab Emirates and finally launched it through ARY Musikat 14th February 2014,It goes on good Reviews and proved as Hit on social ranks.

Dance Experience[edit | hide | edit source]

Arslan sheraz started his career in the field of dancing by inspiring from a Bollywood Actress Madhuri Dixit ,He Started taking Classes in a Dubai International Indian Dance Acadmey for Almost 1 year in Kathak,Semi classical,and Folk Styles.After Completing his Course of 1 year he moved towards Pakistan where in different Stages he got the Opportunity to present his self as in Opposite Gender (female) to make a effect in the impact of his performance ,He did numerous dance and Acts on Stage but his most big popular and hit was Anarkali.

Institute year Performance
Pakistan International public School 2006 Golden Night
Saint Anthony Convert 2007 National Acadmey of Singing
Army Public School 2007 Inter-colleges Singing Contest
Sensational Voice of Pakistan 2008 Top 3 Finalist
Chand Bagh School 2009-2013 All Pakistan Music Festival
Beconhouse Boys Lahore 2012 Inter-Colleges Music Competition
Learning Alliance lahore 2012 Sham-e-Faiz Ghazal
Alhmara Arts Council 2013 Music Conference
Amity University Dubai 2013-2014 Vocalist for all Events
Sp Jain School of Global Managment 2014 Ragga Vocalist

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