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Artur Zurawski, PSC is a Polish DOP who works mainly in India and Poland. Born 1972 in Szczecin, Poland. The member of The Polish Society of Cinematographers. Graduated from The Polish National Film School, Cinematography Dept. 2000. Still photographer since 1986 – exhibitions and publications. Academy of Visual Arts in Poznan, 1993-1996. He started his film career as assistant director/animator –„Piet Mondrian“ 1995 animation – produced by Polish National TV. His credits include fictions, documentaries, shorts, TV series and commercials (also as dir/dop). Speaks polish, English and Russian. Z Project since 2001 – one still photo every day. Lives in Warsaw, Poland.

Filmography[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]



  • Klub Włóczykijów-teaser-2013 dir. Tomasz Szafrański, prod. DominoFilm
  • It’s a Perfect Night for Suicide (Od pełni do pełni) – 2012 dir. Tomasz Szafrański
  • Head to love – 2008 dir. Van Kassabian (USA)
  • Factory (Fabryka) – 2006 dir. Maciej Adamek
  • Kat – 2004 dir. Yann Becker (Switzerland)
  • Mama, look – 2001 dir. Grant Thoburn
  • Snowflake – 2000 dir. David Turner
  • Sunday Delights – 1999 dir. Artur Żurawski
  • The Elements – 1998 dir. Artur Żurawski
  • “4235476335″ – 1997 dir. Artur Żurawski
  • Przejazdem – 1996 dir. Artur Żurawski