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Ashanté Reese is a Black Anthropologist, Assistant Professor, and serves on the Communications Collective for the Association of Black Anthropologists[1]. Ashanté currently teaches at Spelman College as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and is focusing on Food Studies.[2]

Notable work and efforts[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Reese currently serves as a member of the communication collective for the Association of Black Anthropologists(ABA) and publishes article regarding ABA's members, work, and awards.[3]

While Reese current serves as an assistant professor at Spelman college she is also advocating and promoting awareness surround Food Justice[4] through publications and social media.[5]

Reese is also part of different organization of the Food Justice Movement such as the Southern Foodways Alliance. She publishes article on various different perspectives of Food Justice, from studying it to becoming a part of the movement.[6]

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