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Asher Crispe is an American Orthodox rabbi affiliated with the Chabad movement. A technology expert, futurist, and media enthusiast, he is the executive director of the Interinclusion website.

Early life and family[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Crispe is a ninth-generation native of Vermont.[1] He and his wife Sara Esther returned to live in the state with their four children in 2015.[1]

Career[edit | hide | edit source]

Crispe spent the years 1997 to 2004 in Israel, including one year as a research fellow for the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, a research institute for political theory and social thought. During this time, Crispe also served as the Educational Director of Torat Chesed.[2]

Crispe founded Interinclusion in 2011.[citation needed] The nonprofit enterprise includes classes and group retreats at Crispe's Vermont home.[1]

Crispe teaches and lectures in Jewish centers and academic institutions around the world on Hasidut and Kabbalistic philosophy. Some of his lectures focus on: music, film, architecture, gender theory, psychology, education, economics, regenerative medicine and physics. Crispe has lectured on Kabbalah on television and radio programs. He is an executive on the board of content for[3] He is also affiliated with Vermont Future Now, which supports students in the state.[4]

Crispe has served as a financial, medical and technological consultant for projects that relate to future trends. He has a PhD in religious philosophy from New York University. Before founding Interinclusion, Crispe served as Chief Technology Officer of the hedge fund Links Capital Group.[5][6][7]

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