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Asmelash Zeferu is an Ethiopian person, who made international headlines after he made his own aeroplane from scratch. He named his aeroplane the K-570, and plans to fly it to become the first North African to fly an indigenously-designed aircraft.[1]

History[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

He left Alemaya University campus to join the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy, but his application to become a pilot was refused. So in 2001 he decided to build his own plane in order to fulfil his lifelong dream of flight."[2]

The Zeferu K-570A aeroplane failed to fly on its first outing, on 15 June 2015, when the propeller disintegrated.

Following an introduction to René Bubberman, a member of the Dutch Experimental Aircraft Association (NVAV), Zeferu has been offered a scholarship to study aeronautics at the Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

Aircraft[edit | hide | edit source]

The Zeferu K-570A is a two-seat parasol-wing monoplane of conventional layout and wooden frame construction. The wing is of straight, untapered configuration and is strut-braced. The fixed, fuselage-mounted tailwheel undercarriage is derived from a Suzuki motorcycle.[1]

Power was initially provided by a Volkswagen engine taken from a Volkswagen Beetle motor car. This horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine has a capacity of 1,285 cc and delivers 40 hp at 3,000 rpm.

The engine has since been replaced by a 78 hp model taken from a Volkswagen Transporter.[2]

Design altitude in cruise is 10 metres (33 ft).

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