Augusto Bedacarratz

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Augusto Bedacarratz
Cap. Augusto Bedacarratz.jpg
Bedacarratz in front of two symbols, representing attacks on Royal Navy ships, on his aircraft
Birth nameAugusto Bedacarratz
BornJuly 1943
Allegiance Argentina
RankCapitán de fragata
Battles/warsFalklands War
  •   Sinking of HMS Sheffield
  • El Honorable Congreso de la Nación a los Combatientes

Frigate Captain Augusto Bedacarratz is an Argentina naval aviator, who led the devastating mission on 4 May 1982 on HMS Sheffield (D80), during the Falklands War, with the Exocet AM.39 anti-ship missile. It was the first sinking of a Royal Navy ship in four decades.

Early life[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

He was born in La Pampa Province.[1]

Career[edit | hide | edit source]

He joined the Argentine Naval Academy, graduating first in his class in 1965.

Attack on HMS Sheffield[edit | hide | edit source]

On 4 May 1982, a scout plane had detected the target of HMS Sheffield. Bedacarratz and Lieutenant Armando Mayora were the two pilots on duty in the Search and Attack Naval Squadron, and were ordered to take off. Neither pilot had fired an Exocet missile before. The two Super Etendard planes detected HMS Sheffield, out of sight, from 20 miles away. Four seconds after Bedacarratz pressed the release button, the Exocet left the aircraft. Lieutenant Mayora, after seeing the Exocet leave the other aircraft, fired his Exocet.

After both Exocets were fired, both aircraft turned home for their base, but flew at 15 metres above the sea in the direction of the Antarctic, to confuse the Royal Navy.

He retired in 1991, with over 3500 military flying hours and 200 carrier landings.

Personal life[edit | hide | edit source]

He and his wife his wife Marcela have two daughters, a son and three granddaughters.

References[edit | hide | edit source]