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Auréli1 a.k.a TIGA
At Drum 7 Studios in Libreville, Gabon.
Background information
Birth nameAurélien Tigalekou
Born (1990-10-15) October 15, 1990 (age 29)
OriginLibreville, Gabon
GenresHip hop / rap, R&B
Occupation(s)Recording artist
Years active2011–present
LabelsMusic 4 Ya Mind
WebsiteOfficial website

Aurélien Tigalekou (born October 15, 1990), also known by his professional monikers as Auréli1 a.k.a TIGA (TigaKing), is a Gabonese hip hop and R&B producer. Born in Maryland in the United States.

Early life[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

Aurélien Tigalekou was born in Maryland in the United States. He grew up in both the United States and in his parents' home country of Gabon in central Africa.[1] As he grew older, he began producing R&B and hip hop under the name Auréli1 a.k.a TIGA.[1]

Music career[edit | hide | edit source]

2011: Music 4 the Mind[edit | hide | edit source]

He later founded Music 4 Ya Mind as an independent record label and management company in 2008. Its first release[2] was Auréli1 a.k.a TIGA's debut album Music 4 Ya Mind Volume 1[3] on June 11, 2011. The project was made in Libreville, Gabon while he was living there, and features guest artists from Gabon, the United States, and France.[2]

2012: First music videos[edit | hide | edit source]

The debut music video from the album was for the track "La Planète Est Ma Case," released in July 2012 and produced by Auréli1 a.k.a TIGA. Featuring Nhexus, the video was produced by the Music 4 Ya Mind label and was directed by Fabe Do.[2] Also in 2012, an official music video was released for "Téko & Nhex," a song produced by Auréli1 a.k.a TIGA for Maytook & Nhexus, for their album Téko & Nhex. The video was directed by Cédric Aboghe.[2]

A VEVO video for the track "Jewelz Pt. III" by Napoleon Da Legend, produced by Auréli1 a.k.a TIGA for Napoleon Da Legend's album Awakening, was released in late 2012. The video was directed for EVG Studio by Edson Florez.[2]

2013-present[edit | hide | edit source]

Template:External media In April 2013, Auréli1 a.k.a TIGA released a music video for the "Music 4 the Mind" track from his debut, with the video featuring rapper Doe Cigapom[4] of Washington DC.[5] The lyrics by Doe Cigapom have a social focus, and the video is directed by Jon Powell.[6] called the video "the perfect accompaniment for this underground hip-hop style track."[3]

Recently he produced the song "Movie Album" by Skyzoo and Torae. It was included on their May 2014 album Barrel Brothers, released on EMPIRE Recordings.Template:Fact

Discography[edit | hide | edit source]

  • Music 4 Ya Mind (2011)

Further reading[edit | hide | edit source]

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