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Sudarshan ArmyBlue Badge.png is a volunteer based non profit organization[1] established by India poet Shaunak Chakraborty. It was established for the welfare and betterment of every needy Indian.

Sudarshan Army
Sudarshan Army Official Logo.png
Formation30 July 2019
FounderShaunak Chakraborty
Founded atKolkata, India
TypeNon profit Organization
Legal statusActive
Website Verified Link.png


Sudarshan Army got its name from Indian social worker Hanumappa Sudarshan, who won various prestigious award for social work including Padma Shri.


Sudarshan Army was earlier known as Indian Writers Association which works only for the young writers[2] in India but later due to the massive spread of COVID-19[3][4] all over the world Shaunak Chakraborty decided to change the name and moto. On 26 March 2020 he declared that from now onwards Sudarshan Army will work for the welfare and betterment of the needy people and children in India.